Filing Away The Universe For Future Reference

This web site is a mess. No known organizational method is applicable when it comes to referencing such closely inter-related material as found here. Categories serve their purpose so as to make a more "mind-friendly" introduction, but ultimately even these cheap tricks do nothing but ensure continuity of the illusion to which so many have vowed to break. It's pretty funny that when we find something which agrees with us we are merely patting ourselves on the back and saying "Good stuff!" as we just continue on down the road of perpetuity as before.

Perhaps some different kind of organizational scheme is required.

This web site is not meant for the casual observer who is hell-bound to see the fruition of their hopes and dreams, to see their wishes come true and to revel in their demonstration. Ha! What foolishness.

So what is the answer to the question of how to organize that which has no organization? The answer is to just throw it out and see what bites, but more importantly, just to throw it out. Who needs it!

There is the saying that the knowledge contained in all of the most holy of books, in all of the most sacred of sacred and revealing texts help not in the least to those who simply refuse to understand because these things just do not make sense. And for those that do understand, it's all meaningless as it doesn't apply to them anyway.

It's like saying we're damned if we do and we're damned if we don't.

But that is the point and the whole point. It's to realize the spiritual freedom that we already are. The heck with the rest.

So read here what you will, take what you will and good luck to you because you can't take it with you. All that can be done is to understand and with that understanding organization and the skills thereof mean absolutely nothing.

So pay no attention to that because I don't :-)

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