Following The String Back Home

Looking across the vast expanse of humanity it becomes quite readily perceived that something is amiss. In the complex and convoluted process of determination we eventually reach the point of no return. Either we submit to our mind's mechanistic future or we become enamored of our selves. Reaching the state or level of deepest concern, we extend our hand in friendship by the simple fact of being our selves, wholly and completely. There are no others when we revel in our own nature.

Hoist the flag and set sail for open water for there are no barriers of ill repute when it comes to our freedom. Despite the fact that humanity is giving way to inevitability we remain rooted in the pleasure and pleasures of life and living by simply remaining to be what others tells us we most certainly are. Perhaps we are listening in all of the wrong places. Perhaps we are listening to those who we most agree with. In this contract of interchange, we change neither ourselves nor others. We abide in the belief that in accepting the illusion or appearance of others, the same will be had for our own. Through and by group agreement we seek to define our nature by exemplifying some small, tiny portion of it for demonstrative purposes.

A small lie does little to validate truth other than to leave room for the seeking of it.

Through this seeking, searching and bewildering pace of modern life we attempt to energize our inner drive never realizing that even this undistinguished consequence of cause and effect derives it's being from our own selves, from our own nature. Out of the well-spring of everlasting life comes definition, purpose and plan, all rooted in a permanence which will ever remain devoid of fullfillment. Does the drop of rain seek the cloud?

When we turn away from our selves to embrace some small portion which we envision as being the most pleasurable we define and create a road to perpetual unhappiness, of pain and sorrow, pleasure and reward. In riding the rolling coaster we will surely experience all that is to be experienced whether we 'like' it or not. Cause and effect are not something which is away and apart from us. We are the embodiment of it and so reflect it's nature through all our actions.

The only way to win is to not play.

It's not a matter of conjuring up alternative strategies in which to attain the prize of victory. All that we need do to rise above our own inequities is to leave them behind. When we turn our attention to where it is that it belongs success is always and completely assured.

To survive in the contentious world of viewpoints requires that the mind be of sufficient strength and character as to dominate or surpass all other. In this 'refined' viewpoint we are merely chasing our own tail. The way out is the way out. Enhancing the tool may make the job go easier but it does nothing lasting for the owner. For that, we need insight. Insight into the nature of our being.

All that will be found across the vast expanse of humanity is the demonstration of that opportunity. The opportunity for us to open our eyes and realize that despite the allure of television, of the compelling nature of being, we are.

Yes, it is true. We are.

And nothing in all the known and unknown universes can come close, in any degree, to changing that. We, our selves, can certainly try but even through being there must be something there which has full and complete knowledge of the creation and sustaining of that being.

In giving life we become it and so find being.

So turn off the television and come to see just how compulsive this being has become. See, and notice, just how much energy you have endowed it with. It's survival depends only upon you and nothing else.

Surviving in this universe means the solidification of one's own beingness. We cannot find who or what we really are by solidifying anything. In fact, the opposite is true.

We come to find who or what we really are by letting go our toys.

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