A Viewpoint

A viewpoint is defined as being a point from which one views. Who or what views is not in the equation and neither is that which is viewed. It’s just a perspective which one assumes in order to receive sensory information.

Accordingly, this website should not be taken seriously, the articles found here should not be viewed as being any sort of answer to anything at all and more importantly nothing should be taken at face value. The best solution to this web site is just to ignore it because it cannot give you any sort of answer to your self. You just are.

With that being established, the articles found here are all written from a certain and particular viewpoint, expressing some certain and particular point. This does not mean that whatever route is taken to get there is the ‘proper’, ‘correct’ or even ‘accepted’ route. Each article undertakes a purpose and should be viewed as completely and entirely separate from the whole universe, as it stands on it’s own using whatever means necessary to relay a purpose and plan to the reader.

But please don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

There are no accepted routes used or encouraged here in order to achieve some personal ideological goal. Interest in personalities, characteristics, traits or any other self-definition remains a moot point. These are but playthings, to be used and abused. There is no interest here in that.

Spirituality has to do with our selves, as we are, completely and totally. This appears as something which is difficult to achieve but don’t worry, illusion is everywhere where the mind looks. So the answer is to stop looking and start seeing.

To see implies self-knowledge while looking implies an exterior universe filled with all sorts of things with which one entertains oneself with. See, don’t look!

With that, there is nothing else to say.

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