A Few Definitions

Listed below are some definitions of words which may be encountered while traveling this website. These definitions are not meant to be all inclusive and not all words will be listed here. There are many places on the Internet where definitions can be found and using multiple sources is recommended.

Bank: the mind, subgrouped by related items. It's a filing system to which our life experience gets added and to which most rely upon quite heavily for reaching and making decisions in order to create activity.

Beingness: A sense of uniqueness of individuality embracing particular traits and characteristics. A subset of our own Nature.

Belief: An idea about something which one upholds as being true and correct.

Body: A food machine used as a <strawman](#strawman) for experiential delight.

Brain: The biological nerve center of an organism. This is an input center from which the mind receives sensory data produced by the body.

Concept: A symbol used for representational purposes. Example: apple; roundish, red, white interior.

Freedom: The concept of embracing the opposite of that which is considered undesireable. As a dichotomy, this can never be fully and completely attained.

Free Zone: "A ZONE, or area, where spiritual awareness may be pursued FREE of outside or disruptive forces." This term was first made known by Captain Bill Robertson, a close confidant of L. Ron Hubbard.

Free Zone America: The fza.org website went online in 1997 in order to further the idea and ideals of the Free Zone in certain areas. Currently, it's purpose has been served and the website remains in an archival status for reference purposes only.

FreeZone: The spelling of this term denotes the removal of the spacing between 'Free' and 'Zone' in order to signify those who have wandered off into the left field of Darkness and despair. Signatories make use of off-purpose and off-track practices and procedures in order to further their own ideological ends.

Idea: Conceptual relationships. Example: apple; Crunchy, juicy, sweet, hard skin, soft interior.

Identity: The identification of a beingness through it's expression via the mind. Can also be referred to in a physical sense; the attachment of physical traits or characteristics which point to or identify a particular beinginess.

Mind: Not to be confused with "<brain](#brain)". A device through which one's beingness is expressed. The mind is the vehicle through which beingness interacts with it's surroundings. Through this collection of relational experience, cause and effect become established. Subset of "Being".

Nature: as in one's own nature. This refers to the "who or what" one really is and is something which can only be experienced individually and personally. It is the basis, or underlying factor, for all that we think, do or say. Beingness is only an aspect of this.

Operating Thetan: One who 'operates' in full knowledge that one is a spiritual being. Living life as a spiritual being is much different than just having an idea that one is a spiritual being. It's like living one's beliefs - wholly and completely.

Physical Universe: What the body, through it's sense faculties, can directly experience.

Reality: There is only one Reality and you are it. Although daily life and living is many times regarded or referred to as reality, in fact, it is only the appearance or illusion of it. What is real remains so. All else, despite any and all appearances, comes to be sustained only through mental, or thought constructs.

Religion: The codification of an ideological belief system through which promises are made towards the relief of pain and suffering.

Science: The codification of an ideological belief system through which the physical universe can be mastered. This can also be used in a spiritual sense: The codification of an ideological belief system through which the spiritual universe can be mastered.

Scientology: A philosophical methodology of self inspection which is used to achieve a greater understanding of one's self.

Spirituality: Of or having to do with that which lies beyond the physical universe and gives it (the physical universe) it's meaning and definition.

Spiritual Freedom: The idea of coming to be free of one's own mental anguish and pain devoid of physical constructs. Ultimately, even this idea must be discarded.

Strawman: A reference to clothing stuffed with straw and calling it 'me'. Pretending that one's beingness resides in some particular place. An object used as a representation of one's beingness.

Thetan: an idea of who or what we are; a beinginess defined above and beyond the human condition.

Thought: The cause and effect of conceptual relationships. The application of conceptual relationships creating action and reaction. Example: An apple is good when sweet and juicy and bad when sour or dry.

Valence: The appearance or illusion of an identity.

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