Old Worthless Background Information

This web site came into existence for the sole purpose of placing various things and such on the Internet. Perhaps, or perhaps not, others might 'get' something out of it all, but one can only hope not. If nothing else, perhaps the stepping stone being provided will be sufficient in order to get the engine started. Knowledgeable awareness, once started, tends to take on a life on it's own. It's just a matter of kick starting it into taking the long fall into oblivion, never to be seen again. It's a worthwhile endeavor despite that fact that it means nothing -- nothing at all.

Other than that, the reader may find references to various religious philosophies while cruising the web site. Please do not make more of this than necessary. All that the various philosophies can do is to light the fire which must eventually burn from within so that one can come to realize that one's true nature is all that there is. So despite the conceptualizing thought images which may be generated while reading this web site, please remember who it is that is watching the show to begin with. Whatever one sees, whether internally or externally, is separate and apart from one's self. Awareness means knowing who or what is that which sees the seeing.

It's true. This could all be a step into an Oblivion in which one will come up more than empty. As a matter of fact, the fullness of one's nature comes to be quite apparent at the very same time. Strange, but true.

The glass is indeed half empty and half full.

Be the glass and dispense with the rest. Then just be.

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