Council Of Elders

It's very strange.

How does one single, small body of beings come to be looked upon with so many variances of color, character and form? It's almost as if the one who views the subject provides the interpretation, and substance, of it's nature.

Let's start by listing a few of the more common names associated with this body.

The point of interpretation is very important as this defines not just the nomenclature but the purpose as well. People do so love to attach meaning, to provide an exact definition so as to hang onto the thought or idea. Rooted in significance the meaning becomes elusive.

This body of beings, which has been viewed as being in charge of clearly defined boundaries of space and time, is supposedly made up of a particular number. This number varies according to who reports it's statistics and therefore the range can be determined to lie somewhere in the one to thirteen range, perhaps more.

The question must be asked. Who are they and what do they do? What is the purpose of this Council and where are they located? Who subscribes to their rule and why?

This Universe is an old and abused one with a history of contention and degradation. Out of the maelstrom comes order and it was determined that those capable, those who rose above their own beingness, were acknowledged as pillars of servitude, serving and directing Mankind to fullfill it's purpose of being.

In coming together the Council became a beacon to those who wished to be and become part and parcel of it's nature. In this fashion, the Council, while remaining relatively fixed in it's number, grew in it's constituency(1). In it's confederacy, the Council provided latitude and discretionary home rule as well as defining clear and precise boundaries of action and interaction. While all individual bodies and groups who petitioned for entry into the Council Confederacy maintained sovereign rights, the Council is supremely acknowledged as the ultimate arbiters and final authority on ALL matters.

The Council does not interfere with domestic issues unless out of necessity and this necessity is rarely embraced but not unheard of.

The Council has endured long fought wars among it's member states without taking action. It has also taken action in apparent minor issues. It is commonly known that the Council is fully known and understood only unto itself but it is highly respected in it's authority despite individual wants and desires from member states.

It is no secret as what beings reside on the Council. They neither embrace publicity nor shun it and each being takes council unto themselves. Answerable to no one there is a undefinable greatness about them and it is this greatness which is individually acknowledged as being the nature of entry or selection into the Council.

Immediately outside the inner circle lies the Greater Council which represents Member States. Expansively, the Greater Council is charged with the implementation of all doctrines and edicts and may also issue it's own. The Greater Council members are selected by individual Member States as their representatives to the Council. Only the best and brightest need apply. Although Member States propose their own representatives, they are not guaranteed acceptance by the Council.

Out of the Greater Council lie all other bodies, committees and departments.

There are a few exceptions of dual representation where certain bodies report to the Greater Council as well as to the Council itself. The Galactic Patrol is one such body and perhaps the only one.

Those who serve on the Council may, at times, serve in other areas as well. There have been instances where a Council member has sat on the Greater Council representing some particular group or cause. The Galactic Patrol is typically headed by a Council member although this is not held to be rigidly so.

What occurs among Council members remains unknown as no one has yet reliably reported what goes on during meetings, if they do indeed occur at all.1

  1. Even though Member States are given voting rights in certain areas there is a clear and distinct separation between those on the Council and those representing Member States. Council members are considered to be separate and apart from any and all other bodies, committees and the like in this regard. 

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