Charity Is Your Birth-Right

In so choosing to be imprisoned we become a role model and poster child for the feeble minded dominators who not only wish us ill, but who also wish us to remain ever sedated and isolated. Awareness of being requires insight into our very nature and in this, Darkness forbids entry. One cannot come to terms with one's self while at the same time busying one's self in the mundane world of life and living. When we attend to our cares and woe, we create the perfect breeding ground for the corruption of our spirit and the destruction of our awareness. Being aware of one's own problems does not mean to be overwhelmed and thereby at the control of them. Our nature is not problematic but our urges and desires certainly are.

In avoidance we merely attempt to circumvent responsibility and this responsibility is nothing but the accountability for our own actions, thoughts, desires and wishes. We do indeed make our world and populate it with our wishes. Returning to haunt us, our efforts of domination and control seek not only their source, but their originator. And when this effort returns home it typically receives the two step dance of getting out of responsibilities way. We stake and take claim of all that we see and yet remain as lost and lonely children when our actions see the light of day. Through thought, word and deed we create the Universe and so become the effect of it.

Avoidance perpetuates lies so is it any wonder that this planet is so filled, to the brim, with lies, deception and those who due them service. Blame, shame and regret have no place in a vocabulary filled with irresponsibility, of shunning the reality which comes to knock on our door - after we have made the invitation. At break-neck speed, in order to avoid accountability, we move on from one thing to the next, occupying our minds with knowledge and experience of little use other than to use as a crutch for our failings. If we cannot save ourselves how can we expect another to do the same for us as that which we would never do for another? When it comes to salvation, we look in the mirror and see nothing but when it comes to selfish ends, we longingly gaze upon our reflection, caught in the world, and marvel at the sight.

There will be no saviour coming from the heavens to save us, especially now that the religion of religion has caused most mortal souls to be cast out among the dead and dying. Turning away from our spiritual ancestry modern man gleefully revels in the science of tomorrow. Good luck!

Faith requires conviction so how is it that man today is left with nothing but the conviction that the television will be showing some new idiotic episode, that the indigestible horrors of fast foods will still be served and that our duly elected representatives will represent us. Capitalism in the golden land of opportunity is the carrot to spur the mule onward, to work harder, mightier in order to reach it's just reward. The more man collects and attempts to retain things, the more man loses himself. The latest news is that man on this planet has already lost.

No matter the dire circumstances, no matter the social stature, we are all spiritual beings living a life of purpose to which we owe allegiance. When one has lost their way, the way becomes horrifyingly unreal. Reminders of our nature are usually not very appealing when we fall into the pit of self deception.

Here is a test for you to determine where you are at. Go to a mirror and look into it. What do you see?

If you see yourself then you will also see, and experience a reality where happiness becomes elusive and peace non-existent.

If you see the world looking back at you in the mirror, then you already have the knowledge that you, and the world, are one and the same.

Any attempt on your part to alter the balance of reality will create nothing but pain and suffering. If you wish for peace in the world then it becomes impossible to fullfill that wish as long as you have no peace within you. If you want other people to care for you then you must become that caring person first. If you want fame and glory with lots of servants, vacations and personal water sport vehicles - good luck to you! When our minds wander into the field of battle, a battle ensues. When our minds are turned towards those things which help to bring about a caring and respect for others, we start to become that caring and respect and will find that we are not alone.

As I look out across the sea of humanity all that I see is the spiritual nature of man in it's pure and unaltered form. I also see the seemingly bottomless amount of energy and effort expended in the direction of running away from that spiritual nature as far as one is capable of. To this, all that I can say is to stop running. It's time to meet your Maker.

It's not always easy to come face-to-face with your self and to see who and what one really is. But if you and you alone do not do this, who will? Do we look for an external savior so as to continue refusing to take responsibility for our own actions, our own thoughts and ideas and to have another 'free' us? Free us from what? The answer is, of course, our selves. To free us from our own selves, our own creation.

We each create our own individuality and we are each responsible and accountable for the result. Yes, it's time to meet your Maker and His name is You! Get off your lazy, drug induced experiential thrill ride, with all it's ups, downs and sideways, and start taking responsibility for both you and what you have contributed to this world. Stop subscribing to the belief that corporations are your best friends and government is here to help you. No marketing hype in the world can touch the truth which already lies deeply buried within you, but the hype can certainly scare you into taking no action, into doing nothing. Lip service is free while conviction and faith come with a price tag way too high for most people. Who understands and is willing to pay the price of taking responsibility for not just one's own actions, but the effects these actions have on others around us.? While few are up to this challenge, even fewer attempt responsibility on a larger scale.

If we cannot tame our own minds, our own urges and desires, how can we even begin to contemplate fixing anything in this world? How can we pass judgment upon others when we ourselves are in such dire need?

Charity does indeed begin at home and you are it.

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