Post Electorial Results

These are the times which try man's soul. From circumventing the inevitable to the destruction of what is, avoidance is, and remains, something which is to be shunned and not spoken of.

The Grand Council has elected to fullfill their duties as prescribed by time honored rituals and traditions. In this regard there is to be no deviation although latitude is always given due regard. Weighing heavily in favor of the Grand Plan, centrification of dominance remains a thwarted goal as ever it shall be. In this, the Grand Council is fully awakened. There are no illusions when it comes to facing reality but in creating a reality to achieve Reality anything can and does occur at every twist and turn of the dial. Pointedness of intent remains ever fixated upon the ultimate means to an end of ends.

There are only a very few who actually acquiesce to the reigns of pivotal directional guidance in this Universe and this handful operates well outside of "normal" perception and direction. There are some things in this Universe which remain elusive despite the obsessiveness of "scientific" pursuit of insanity. Logic is but a fixation upon one's own dementia, upon one's own way of mastering the thought process. This is far, far from what is and of course reality suffers the consequences as it reflects the witch in the mirror.

No matter the physical organism in which a being takes root, rules of conduct and principals of design remain fixated. All share the common bond of being blood brothers. Despite all the blame and shame showered upon the Creator, nothing can open one's eyes to the reality of life other than one's self. Our beingness takes refuge in our perception and there lies the crux of our own destruction.

In this, there is no end.

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