The Force Of Mind

Power lies in the ability to "do" things, to have things "get done". The more power one has the more that things will come to fruition the way one desires. We all control our destiny do we not, and in so controlling we bring to bear the power of our mind. Exerting force in this way we direct our energy towards value fullfillment. What we deem to be of value we achieve through pure and unadulterated will power. There is nothing which can stand in the way of the power of mind and those who master the art of it's use will surely rule the sheep as is their prerogative. Man is better ruled by those who define themselves as being better through the use and application of the mind of befit one who knows and understands it purpose and power.

What folly!

Animalistic shenanigans serve best those who are the slave of such. There is no such thing as the power of mind other than to those who seek dominance and control. Lacking dominance and control of themselves, these same individuals rely upon the age old tactic of embodying and embracing that which they most need to learn.

In controlling others, through whatever devious intellectual justification employed, we demonstrate that we ourselves lack control. When we do control ourselves there comes to be a blatant disregard for the desire to exert control upon another. Only through the tried and true heritage of knowing our selves do we find the peace and prosperity of existence, of life and living and embracing it's purpose and plan, if any. We are not animals though we assume the characteristics of such through the ritualistic use and abuse of concentrated energy, directed and employed upon another.

Are we animals?

In the creation of beingness we find identity and through the mind we seek experiential delight. Demonstrating his fall, Man endows life only through the looking glass of mind. In this depravity is it any wonder that pain and suffering become part and parcel of his nature?

The effort of cleansing the mind of misguided notions is a noble one, but on the ladder of return this rung is but one small step. Since the mind is endowed with the urge of demonstrating and exhibiting beingness, it's effort in acquiring experiential memory remains unabated unless and until it comes to be undercut. In this relentless experiential acquisition we come to be holding the reins merely symbolically as the run away train takes us where and when it will.

In this, we must kill the beast or else the beast will just continue to expand and expound upon any and every thing for all eternity. The mind can be made to do anything forever especially since we are that forever so the bottom line is until we cut the legs out from under the beast of our own making all that we can do is hold on for dear life - and even that is tenuous at best.

In coming to learn that the force of mind merely empowers the mind nothing will change. No peace will be had, no rest for the weary. The way out of our own making is simply to leave it all behind.

When we allow our outwardly directed attention to fade away we empower our own recognition. When we come to see our selves for who and what we really are what is the necessity of getting others to do our bidding? What would the necessity be of bowing the knee in submission unless we are yet to bow and acquiesce to our own nature? In coming to see our selves we fight tooth and nail to retain a beingness which is nothing but a puny idea about our selves.

It's not the stopping but the "letting go" which we gives us the answer to the problem we proposed in the first place. We are the answer to our selves and no matter the amount of looking for it elsewhere, it will never be found because it is everywhere.

So the next time you are looking to "make things happen" perhaps you will take a moment to actually look and contemplate what is being done by and for whom. In this way the urge to play with energy becomes nullified and the effect of energy upon your own self, negated. Neither at cause nor at effect another rung of the ladder comes to be fullfilled - with a joy previously unknown. It is here that the universe dances in the delight of "you". It is here that you begin to discover that there is so much more to "you" than meets the eye.

Looking in the mirror we begin to see that our looking is but another expression of our selves demonstrated through a beingness which is but a small, insignificant thing.

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