Love It Or Leave It

"Gathering Minds" refers to the idea or concept of bringing together interested minds in a common purpose. This is, in fact, a low order of purpose simply because the reference to "mind" is way down on the totem pole, pretty darn close to the reality which is lived and worked to great effect by just about every one. The use of this reference is applied as a stepping stone to reach the other side of the pond, so to speak. Going beyond some certain point first requires the full attainment of that point. Just about anyone with at least half a brain will relinquish the idea that they do indeed have a mind and not only that, but that they use it quite heavily day in and day out.

It's a good starting point for those who are lucky enough to realize that something much more than themselves, is "out there". As a sort of vortex into the void, this web site stakes the claim that no entry pass is needed. All it takes is a whole lot of "non-doing".

That's a very strange term, "non-doing". So many of us are extremely wrapped up in activities, in the doingness of life and living completely neglecting the part where we are just our selves in complete and utter disregard to all the "stuff" that seems to overwhelm and bind us. In "doing", we bind our selves to the universe through concepts, ideation and just plain 'ol wish-full thinking. Reaching spiritual heights of greatness doesn't mean adding something else to our "to-do" list, just the opposite. Working our way back home requires that we check out of the hotel in which we have found purpose and plan. Yes, in order to free ourselves from our own mirror as reflected in the "outside" world, we must simply just leave it behind. It's time to "check out"!

From a common basis where there is a reality from where we can relate, we move on. It's not so much that we "move on" but more like using stepping stones to cross the great divide. After firmly planting one's foot on the nearest stepping stone we let go the previous to reach the next. It's not a matter of what we have left behind, who cares! Looking ahead we step, at first gingerly, and then gradually with firm and sure conviction. It is this firm and sure conviction that we are seeking to take root and blossom before our very eyes. Keeping the mind's eye on the prize keeps the prize in mind.

From here to eternity is but a stone's throw away but when we embrace a longevity through a doingness destined to amount to nil, all the time and space in eternity fits snugly within. There will be no end.

Perhaps that should be the first clue while boarding the boat home. There is no end while we create it. The question then becomes, what are you going to do about it? Or better yet, what are you willing to not do, to leave behind, in order to be the peace you already are?

When we leave the baggage behind we are doing so much more than letting it all go, we are allowing ourselves to be our selves just as we really are, fully and completely. What happiness!

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