Separation Anxiety

Against all odds, we are. Nothing can change that and no one can deny it. We exist because we contain the knowledge of being. We know that we are through our exhibition of activity and so we can, and do, anything and everything possible in order to keep alive this wonder of beingess called 'me'.

"I am so that others may live."

Without others, without this created separation or sense of being, we are not. To the exclusion of all else, we find that we are. In a relation of separation we live our lives enamored of life and especially happiness. In so becoming, we solidify our uniqueness and glory in it expecting others to do the same for us. As we embrace ourselves as the center of all we relish me and mine. Finally, we refuse any and all things which is not 'I'. "I am that I am and nothing can take that away."

In taking the back country roads we come to experience and live life to it's fullest, enjoying and relishing it's rewards. We take our time as we pass through each and every small town all across the universe making sure that we have missed nothing. In this long and arduous journey we keep ourselves entertained by becoming one thing or another, by changing our characteristics in order to leave no stone unturned in which to glorify ourselves. What marvel we are!

The down side is, of course, that happiness is always temporary and must be refilled. Cruising on empty through unknown country roads is not something an intelligent being would pursue. These dark and dangerous times require that we dig down deep to see what we are made of. Of course seeing what we are made of is nothing but an expectation of finding the answer to resume our travels on the happy-happy road of life, of finding the correct application of whatever needs to be done in order to capture and retain the ever elusive goal of perpetual happiness.

In creating separation we create the polarity of happiness and unhappiness. Pain and misery become part and parcel of our being and strange as it may seem, we take great relish in overwhelming ourselves with both, as frequently as possible. Our lust knows no bounds as there are no bounds when it comes to "me" and "mine".

It's true, you are all that you see and despite the fact of being one thing or another, this truth remains. So when it comes to separation, it takes a great deal of time and effort to keep it alive and going strong. In this habitual circumstance resistance to change becomes second nature and therefore, we remain keen on separation and the pursue of life, living and the dream of ever lasting happiness through that separation. Since we are the center of the universe, it must all come to us.

It's like the Big-Bang theory. As the Universe expands we are holding onto it for dear life and trying ever so hard to capture it and bring it home to place on the mantle above the fireplace for all to see. "Look!, I found happiness!" Unfortunately, it's expanding and going somewhere else. Ever try to stop the universe? It can't be done so quit trying to hold on for dear life when you are already it.

In this realization separation comes to an end and when it ends it will be the death of "you", of "me" and "mine" and happiness will be seen for what it is, a small shallow reflection of your own totality.

Where there is no separation all things are.

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