Enough Already

Fright takes us to many places but above all, it takes us to another step closer to who or what we really are. Through tantalizing experience we get to see what we are made of but since our making all originates out of our selves to begin with we end up far removed from whence we came. Fear requires action whether denoted by 'no action' or frenetic activity something must be done and quickly! The urge to make it all go away is unmistakable but since we already embody this fear who is it that encounters such difficulty in it's acceptance? By running away we show what we are made of, or more correctly, what we embody. We can run but we cannot hide. Never will we ever be able to hide from our selves.

Facing one's destiny is nothing but an imagined idea of what 'will be'. Since the future is out of phase with current time, it becomes useless for our purpose. Whether diving into the past or rushing head-long into the future, when we leave the present we come to be "long gone". Nothing happens but in this exact moment, in this exact 'time'. Moving attention into other realms, other times and places will do nothing in surmising our own nature. In fact, no matter where we look, all that we can do is 'seek', we cannot 'find'. Where-ever and when-ever we place the attention of the mind, there we become rooted. One cannot live until one learns to be 'here'.

Sidestepping into oblivion, our fear takes us through each and every turn of escape. Following the scent, we lose much more than our selves, we lose our way as well, our sanity of ever finding the balance which should have been brought to bear in the first place. Being afraid is just another state of mind and out of this maelstrom we encounter emotional content filling the spectrums of space. In this cry of pain woe is he who cannot simply stop, to simply cease doing the undoing of our selves. Unraveling the cord, we wander far and wide and yet in our travels there is no where to go and no where to hide. In returning we take pleasure and yet rooted in a fallacy of life and living we simply continue to walk around the same block over and over again.

We already are so that we can be.

That about sums it all up.

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