The Pirate's Way

Hoist the sails!

Let all hear who will listen and see who will look!

The Pirate's flag is a noble flag of redemption, of revelation in the fact that despite our outwardly stoic manner and dress the real booty lies within. Getting past the guards can be a problem for when we turn away from our selves we cherish and relish the fact of our own existence, an existence completely separate and apart from all others. What lunacy! What daring! What cowardly traits some do tell.

Wending our way past the sleeping giants, who at times welcome the entry, a good Pirate would be remise if no booty were to make it way to the source. Cast into the fire, all accounts are balanced.

Despite the Armada set upon all who dare to shatter beliefs, a good Pirate uses adroit skills to wend and weave the way. This is not something which is instructed nor learned but comes as a natural consequence of partaking an existence rooted in reality.

In mastery there is no deception.

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