Escaping The Inevitable

Tiredly we wait and watch for the signs to come. Sniffing the air in desperation, we seek to divine our true nature in terms which we find comfortable and meaningful. It should all be as we think it should be. Despite the shallow attempt at 'improving' our selves desperate measures require desperate times and so they are. Living life to it's fullest, we die empty and unrewarded. In regard to what is to come, we imagine a future in the full happiness of our selves, relishing the idea of fairy tales coming true. Hoping against hope, we fill our time with meaningless activity designed to forestall the inevitable. We must not die empty handed!

Strengthening the bonds of our worldly pleasures, we sink further into the abyss of our making. How else are we to face the mirror in order to declare that what we see is nothing but our selves staring right back at us. Desperate times require desperate measures.

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