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Barbie and Ken

This planet loves playing Barbie dolls. It’s all the rage to ‘pretend’ that one’s self is some sort of a sockpuppet, to be used and abused to no end. How quaint. In that respect, finding those who have grown up becomes a special event. Not… 15 Aug 2013

Enough Already

Fright takes us to many places but above all, it takes us to another step closer to who or what we really are. Through tantalizing experience we get to see what we are made of but since our making all originates out of our selves to begin with… 07 Feb 2007

Going Beyond The Kill Zone

When we enter our spheres of influence not only do we open up ourselves to flight and fright, but we also create the environment into which we spill the entirety of our hopes and dreams. Seeking beyond the pale images which reflect upon our… 25 Feb 2005

On The Edge of Fright

Walking through the narrow confines of life, ennobling the greatest to reach new heights, bottoming out is to be avoided at all costs. What lies on the edge of fright, drives us mad. 04 Dec 2001


There comes a time for worship and there comes a time for evolution. In fullfillment, our universe changes and suddenly, we find ourselves alive once again. With a fresh perspective, reality takes on a new form and identity. We become something… 07 Aug 2001

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