Barbie and Ken

This planet loves playing Barbie dolls. It's all the rage to 'pretend' that one's self is some sort of a sockpuppet1, to be used and abused to no end. How quaint.

In that respect, finding those who have grown up becomes a special event. Not that being one's self is a big deal because it isn't, it's more of a big sigh of relief that there is someone else to actually talk to.

Therefore, perhaps it can be understood that the sockpuppet I create has been created specifically for those who demand such. It's designed for those who insist on communication through a third party in order to gain a sense of security - that no one is looking at them. Well, I do see and sometimes that can be a very frightening affair to children, so I take it down a notch and create the 'safe' sockpuppet which is both desired and required. Who likes seeing beings running down the street, sockpuppet in tow, scared half to death? I don't.

As for the rest, it's comparable to the old line: "Is it real or is it Memorex?" There is no substitute, no pretension and especially, no running away.

But as for the sockpuppet, please realize that it is only a 'thing' and is about as meaningful as a pocketful of bees protecting the queen. Which leads to the question...

What's that thing in your pocket and is it doing you any good?

Closing Comments

There are times that I break the rules when it comes to established religion (the sockpuppet theory). Some beings require a fragile approach, others require the living daylights be scared out of them, and the rest require something in-between. Please don't mistake the perception of my sockpuppet as having any real value, it doesn't despite the fact of it's 'popularity'.

I am, after all, playing by your rules. Not mine. Please don't mistake the two as being one and the same.

  1. Here's a good reference:

    "Sock puppet – an identity a person intentionally puts on that is purely for show.

    Like putting a sock on your hand that is supposedly “separate” from you and a “different” independent person entirely."

    - who-the-hell-are-these-people-mike-and-virginia-mcclaughry

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