Cutting Room Floor

There have been a few notations that have been made along the way which for one reason or another never made it to Disney-land, so here I am going to throw them all into the pot, of whatever I have, and see what floats to the surface, if anything. These are all dated within the past month or so, if that has any meaning at all. They may not even be in the 'proper' order but that is what the cutting floor is all about anyway.

Let There Be Me

What's the difficulty? In between fervently holding onto some thought, idea or concept and pandering even more thoughts, ideas and concepts about one's self there lies the still small voice of you. Well, it appears as a still small voice but only in relation to all the self generated noise which by chance just so happens to drown out everything else. It's called the Noise of Knowing and there certainly is plenty of it to go around.

Here on this planet intellect is greatly admired but it is actually an unwitting acceptance of a determination to put into play a battle for the mind of man. Worthy of respect? For some there are much more rewarding adventures then to have and to hold 'power' over another. It's all an illusionist's trick anyway so one might as well bring their own lunch to a very long and verbose lecture on being the prim and proper 'human' one might well be better off to strive for.

Yes, striving for subservience is about as worthy a social goal as the circus fat lady wearing that 'ol itsy bitsy teeny weeny, very skimpy bikini into a very public pool. Let's just hope that something is 'floating' on the surface before that happens! This is not to denigrate the fast food crowd or the couch potatoes by any means despite the fact that racial profiling is all the rage.

Yes, it's a 'race' thing.

In Days Gone By

In days gone by, the bygone days are viewed as unrelenting in their insistence upon being recognized - and justly rewarded for such.

I spit on your grave.

Fashion sense makes sense as to the hollowed halls of zombies being brought forward to center stage. Amazingly the definition of a zombie applies to a goodly amount of those who currently walk the Earth, in one form or another. Flash-eating is just one of the main dishes of ingestion. There are others.

Appealing to the heart of a zombie does little other than to waste the already scarce ammunition so why not head straight for home? Perhaps the common perception of morality is nothing but a bunch of hogwash thrown up for the specific purpose of making others turn away. If not in disgust then perhaps a good pat down at the local highway or my-way transportation center will do. If not even then, then perhaps the benign jolt of a good dose of 'non-lethal' energetic conditioning? Surely one will find the 'proper' method of extraction.

Pulling the essence out of a physical body can be accomplished, but like all deep and darkly sinister affairs, there is always an hell available to pay for the piper.

Unattended To

In comparison we provide the context for the justification for our own, already fully made decisions. We must come up with a plan so as to appear well-formed and balance. In this convolution dementia one find fantasy-land in no short order and the funny thing about this is that there is absolutely no recognition of it at all.

Another Day At The Office

(This one is a bit disjointed, probably because I had no idea where the hell it was going in the first place.)

This is but another one of those off-the-cuff postings where not much is said but in the depths of something very different, a bit more is proposed for consideration. It's true that in consideration one must endure a narcissistic approach to life and living but what the hell, life is really all about us being and doing whatever the hell our wishes deem to be of import. It's nothing but another crock of pickles sitting for a spell, leisurely floating in a nice salty bath of perfumed goodness.

Eventually the point comes to be consumed.


Here I would like to make mention that an alternate timeline has indeed become embraced. The funny thing about perception is that once the perceiver takes on a consideration everything and nothing will have changed. That's a very odd statement but perhaps some clarification can be made.

Most bi-pedal animation units tend to project thoughts, ideas and concepts. In this future-time the road ahead is supposed to be made familiar so as to alleviate the fear ever on guard outside one's door. So where does that leave us, those who have no such barriers?


Appropriately I am here making mention of the change-over in timelines, in an alternate way of course. Though the change-over occurred in the recent past I wanted to stake it's claim here.

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