Seditional Insurrection

Lately it seems that a few updates are in order. In that atmospheric environment the following play-book may be relevant.

contact via mental, physical constructs
contact via mental, physical constructs
fear establishment
degenerate development
de-constructive implementation
harvest completion
the hunger takes hold

The flip side, which of course there always is one:

✓ the condition of uncomfortable sadness is broadcast (this is the cry for help)
✓ developmental evaluation (the situation is evaluated in context)
✓ contrary timelines are proposed
✓ the right of choice is established
➤ situational awareness is proliferated (this one is almost completed)
❏ end times revivification

In the balance of play there comes to be established opposition and coalition. Where one becomes established, another takes root. It is not until the knife edge comes to be known before no-change takes place. It is not the balance brought to bear which leaves the ultimate mark but the natural tendency of the nature or basis of spirit to be laid bare and uncovered for the eyes to see. Man's turmoil evinces the expression of that which ever remains constant. When this becomes understood by that which is expressed, individuality becomes laid bare. The realignment which then ensues merely completes the cycle.

Yes, the cycle of expression defines Man's foray out into the 'unknown' universe for his own personal pleasure, with 'pleasure' being defined as full-fillment.

It is not the appearance of what is called balance, that is brought into play but something far greater. The trick in using balance is to assist the perspective in perceiving something unlike it's self and thereby reducing the dependency upon existing modalities.

Do you see the underlying subterfuge?

There can only be a contextual right or wrong and in the absence of such, what then? Perhaps the reader will take up the challenge instead of waiting to be handed one's self on a silver platter.

In either case the above play-book is but a general proposed guideline for one's consideration. It's not exact as that is not the purpose here, as stated.

Fair roads my friends.12

  1. insurrection: The act or an instance of open revolt against civil authority or a constituted government (  

  2. sedition: Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state; (

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