Decifering Crypto-Analytical Confobulation

How about that title, is it not a doozy? But that is the purpose of what you read in the papers, see before your eyes through media presentation and hear from the proclamations generously handed down from the duly elected body of representatives. Word-wise it is all upside down and sideways. With dual purpose, designs and meanings the sound of confobulation1 permeates the air.

Just because polite people will lightly pass-by the uneducated's confused and information-starved thought patterns doesn't mean that disregard is paid to it. On the contrary, attention becomes pointed and it becomes a matter of manners.

The point is that while the uneducated may lay claim to greatness, especially when backed by the might of the state's armies, it still doesn't resolve. It is not the public which lacks but the fragility of the uneducated who become the leaders by their own design. This certainly does not make it so but appearances, like in anything else, is nothing but an illusion using tricks and traps in the hopes of catching a big one. With the proper bait of course.

To assume that those who plan and execute wars, drought, inflation and money-laundering to have some semblance of education is the same as hoping that one will win the lottery, or even be struck by lightening. Pretending that one who has passed through the doors of a government education program to be intelligent, insightful or even moral is not only mis-placed but delusional. Hoping that another will provide the impetus to a moral and just life will also allow another to hold sway over your own thought, word and deed. What sort of man would allow such!?

In reading between the lines we see that the smell of sweet success litters the air with it's aromatic emanations. In order to believe we must first understand. It's been a long time coming.

  1. confobulate: to mess up on grammar, verb tense, or just sound like you're fresh off the boat. (Sarah totally confobulated by saying: "Johnny was thirsty so he went and got two bottle of water.") ,
    Note: This term is being used not just in a literal sense. This should be quite obvious especially in light of how the use of prepared statements, speeches and the like are used in place of actual communication. Though the words presented in such are calculated to effect, the intent lies well within the definition. 

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