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Strange Magic

My first recollection of anything on this Earth is waking up in a crib and looking at my mother. There was no sense of a body attachment, no verbal language skills and no reasoning capacity. It was just a sense of being that was perceiving. It's... 20 Jan 2016

Sweet Dreams

The weather is fine and dandy, the food pleasant and filling, the company agreeable. Everything is quite balanced and harmonic. Nothing to see here, move along. Some things never change and in appearance the embrace of stupidity is held out as a... 13 May 2014

Decifering Crypto-Analytical Confobulation

How about that title, is it not a doozy?But that is the purpose of what you read in the papers, see before your eyes through media presentation and hear from the proclamations generously handed down from the duly elected body of... 21 Jun 2013

Why Live the Illusion When It Is Not Real

One of the things that I have mentioned quite a bit is that no one can be forced to do that which they are unwilling to do. There are those who make it their life's work to break a person so that they become willing. Breaking the... 13 Mar 2012

Easing The Pain of Unemployment

When we are bereft we seek. It is in this seeking that gain-full endeavors are brought to bear which of course will always result in pain and suffering. What is it that suffers? It is our own conceptual basis for being. In our creation we not... 05 Jan 2007

Treading Desire

Emotional content, ever pervading the human form, from where does the power of life receive it's yearnings and desires? Ultimately, there is no other place on Earth, other than the exact moment and place in which you have found yourself this... 16 Jul 2001

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