Treading Desire

Emotional content, ever pervading the human form, from where does the power of life receive it's yearnings and desires? Ultimately, there is no other place on Earth, other than the exact moment and place in which you have found yourself this very instant. Locating, you reveal your glory. Emanating, your desires reach through the ether of life and find a target, willing in it's reception and motivating it to action. That action creates the effect of the cycle of life, each bound by hopes and desires, of imagination and creation. Where it leads us, is unknown, but that is only so based upon the framework in which it has appeared.

Appearances are deceiving, sheltering the desires through deception and play. Hiding, we are alone with our thoughts and embrace their fruition. We become what we think we are.

Efforting, we reveal ourselves to ourselves and through the actions and motivations of others, we come to see that escaping from our desires is fruitless. Emotional content is the dress in which desire moves.

Overcoming desire is overcoming ourselves. There is nothing wrong in overwhelming ourselves with our own thoughts of experience, but where will it end, if at all? The desire to be human creates the reception and so we give and give until the bottomless, limitless pit has surely come to an end. Facing the death of desire, it relinquishes it's hold and binds us no longer. In the ensuing freedom, is desire to be had once again? Do we continue the cycle of deprivation endlessly or does the end of desire just cover up the fact that the end is nothing but another desire, cleverly guised?

There can be no end and no beginning to desire in order for desire to dissolve from whence it came. Unheeding and unneeding, emotional content has a way of leaving us alone and in that aloneness we blossom of our own accord. What reveals itself is purity of desire, purity of body and purity of spirit. Nothing escapes or spills forth from the clutching hand when the hand clutches no longer. It just is, and in that state beauty and freedom abound. There can be no bounds for it is only with desire in which we are given form.

Here we are, living our daily lives, earning our daily bread, and surviving for the promise of a better tomorrow. None of these exist, but the desire forces us to believe otherwise. What hold does the madness take of our souls!

The desire of no desire is just another form and these sorts of tricks are meaningless other than in the context of teaching ourselves that in this too, we must overcome for each step only reveals itself as we progress.

Taking each step, one at a time, will surely get you to your goal. Pause not along the way as any satisfaction only reveals the self-same desire in which you have already tread. Continue my friend, and I shall meet you at the top. :-)

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