Say You Will

Some methods of madness just never seem to go away. They seem to always reappear in new dress or delivery, attempting to capture our interest. Today, it looks like these delivery options are quite workable and successful, but in reality they are falling apart at the seems and beginning to self destruct of their own accord. The days of getting agreement through the use of force are coming to a close. No longer is the motto 'Say You Will', something that one can be proud of. Doing a successful job now takes a small dose of responsibility, and in that responsibility there is little room for coercion.

Implanters love conventions. There is nothing like a gathering, under whatever purpose is attached, to get together a free collection of lab rats. Working with a crowd always pleases the elite, and the cream of the crop always looks for a crowd that comes together for whatever the reason. Rounding up and transporting lab rats is much more expensive than having them organize themselves. It takes a lot less time and effort and when it comes times to move in for the kill, motives are easily hidden within the purposes of the organization itself. Working the crowds is every implanters dream.

Getting people to say that they will is not always an easy task. It is especially difficult in these times where actions and motives are more open to public view. An implanter has to be much more careful in thought, word and deed, but this is not a problem. Changing tactics is standard issue but the goals remain the same. Changing times require changing procedures and luckily, the implanters have this down to a science. Did you know that prediction plays a large part of the implanter's toolbox?

Predicting the future does not create the future, so in one way or another, force will ALWAYS be used to some degree. Whether it is used in a negative or positive manner matters little when it comes to achieving results. Implanters are results oriented and require an adherence to goals and wealth in very strict terms. There are no grey areas here. This is why banking is so dear to the implanter's heart. It is a wonderful job and one eagerly sought. What joy there is in destroying another's lifetime pursuit than by fudging their numbers, by 'rearranging' their wealth and good deeds. The more sublime, the more respect the implanter receives. Creativity becomes an expression of the implanter's hopes and dreams of wealth and power acquisition. There is nothing else that even comes close.

Look around you today. Take a look at the list of the world's most wealthiest men. These are the do-gooders, the men of honor on the implanter's roll call. Wealth distributed to ease pain and suffering is absolutely unheard of and would in fact call for immediate execution. Believe me, there are no grey areas here.

The accumulation of wealth and fame is like wearing an inner circle emblem on one's forehead. The emblem would read 'Implanter #432: To be honored for outstanding duty.' Of course that duty requires the destruction, through whatever means, of those around them who are not privy, and sometimes even those who are, to the glorious and fabulous world of the Implanter's Paradise.

This planet is over and under run by all sorts of interesting characters. This does not mean that they are in charge. There is an altogether different current that flows through this system and it has little to do with implanters. It is that flow which creates the door for others to open and step through. It is the door of freedom. Freedom from the effects of implanter's and their wares. Freedom from the greed which they have not only bound themselves with, but most others as well. Freedom from thought which requires you to say that you will. Instead, you will be able to say 'I will not.' I will not subjugate and deny the right of my own existence. I will neither stand and fight for my right to live nor submit my soul for all eternity in order that I may 'survive'. Stepping through the door of freedom, there is no chance of survival. It is already guaranteed. As a matter of fact, it is already here, right in front of you.

Freedom does not require rules and regulations. Proper attitudes of thought and conduct have no meaning here. Freedom allows choice, plain and simple. Implanters allow choice as well, but the choice which they have gilded is an illusion. The way to tell the false from the real is to compare. Where it is that you have been. Where is it that you want to go? How are you doing now?

All the power, real or imagined; all of the money, real or imagined; all of the prestige, real or imagined in this universe will never, ever get you through the door of freedom. Spiritual freedom is not something that you gain and take with you whereever you go. Spiritual freedom comes from within, takes root within your very being, and becomes a part of you that is undeniable. It becomes impossible to distinguish between the term 'freedom' and 'you'. You become the spiritual freedom which you have journeyed hard and long for.

Fortune and fame define a particular thought pattern. There are those who wish for it and there are those that have it, and like the carrot on a stick motivating the donkey forward, it is used to provide the impetus to those who wish for it, to try just a little harder. Try all you wish, for as long as you wish. I assure you that you will be no further ahead than you already are. In order to gain the same fame and fortune you must take the route and follow the processing that is required of all implanters. To be like one of them, you have to become one of them and the only thing that they can use to encourage your motivation is selfish desire and greed. Selfish desire and greed work on just about anyone who doesn't know better. Do you? Are you in the race? Is fame and fortune your god-given destiny? If they are, you will be warmly welcomed by the implanters, perhaps you already are. Perhaps you don't even realize their hold on you.

Bankers love money. Implanters love bankers. It's a match made in heaven. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is the only area of 'expertise' in which they excel. It's not easy to sway the populous into believing what you want them to believe. It's not easy getting civilizations to worship and honor only those things which you decide that they should worship and honor. It's not easy getting people to believe that what is important to their survival is not really important at all. It's not easy killing and torturing people each and every day. It's not easy fighting with people of your own kind to get what is 'rightfully' yours. It's not easy coming up with ways and means of getting more, more. More fame, more wealth, more prestige, more status.

The next time you see an implanter consider giving them a break and making their life just a little bit easier. Give them more money. Worship their fame and fortune more. Loudly proclaim that you want to be like them. Hoard your money and make large surprise deposits at your local bank. Buy a new car every year. Watch television each and every night, especially the news. Read the newspapers and ensure that your conversations deal with the misfortune of others and how you got such a great deal on some object that you have always wanted. Get on the Internet and tell the world how important your own opinions, views and concerns are and of how they should be addressed. Contribute extra taxes to your local government just because 'you care'. Support the suppression of environmental rules and regulations. Be wasteful of energy. Buy more than you need and then throw out all that you don't want.

Spiritual freedom requires that you open your eyes and to see the world around you for what it is, not what you think that it may be. The world is not what someone else tells you that it is, and it is not what you read about in the papers and it especially is not the pretty pictures that are constantly thrown at you from every angle. The world, in all of it's naked wonder, is exactly as it is. Take off your glasses and see. You won't be sorry.

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