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Alice In Wonderland

Years ago I used the screen name of alice during a posting episode to reflect particular traits which were desired at the time. In reviewing some of those posts the purpose certainly stands prominent. I just wanted to lay this in the concrete,… 26 Feb 2015

They Get Happy

In the interest of science I have donated my thetan, my heart and my soul to those who wish to further that wonderful research line called ‘life’. I really have no further use for them, so off they go. I trust that they will be taken care of in… 30 Jun 2004

Mission To Mars

If you take a moment to look around, you may notice that some of the names and titles of various objects have some sort of familiar or easily accepted way about them. What I mean is that these names may seem quite comfortable with us and may… 13 Apr 2004

Re: Track Recall And "Recent Discoveries"

Nice choice for a new topic. :smile: Consider this: If the historical past stretches out to the horizon, what could possibly have taken place during that lengthy ‘time period’? Auditing uncovers considerations like crazy and perception… 13 Apr 2004

I Come For You

I have found Freedom and left it behind so that I could come back for you. Freedom is not the same without you. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I too was a slave to my own desires in the same way that you are a slave to yours. Eternity came… 13 Apr 2004


This topic was brought up in another thread, but I thought that I should start a new one since it is an interesting subject all on it’s own. Monitors:… 02 Mar 2004

re: Thank you

Thank — for some reason that first came out as ‘thanky’, so I’ll keep it that way. Thanky you VAST and Scipher for your comments. For some reason there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding ‘CitizenCain’. Well, in the destruction of the line… 31 Oct 2001

Why Not Make It Enjoyable For Everyone?

At what point does communication become so dangerous that it must be eliminated? Where will we draw the boundaries of our own limitations and perceptions and expect those around us to comply? How do we pass judgement upon another when we,… 24 Aug 2001

The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change toss us to and fro, taking us where ever it is that has been deemed not just a necessity, but a requirement. Taking flight, we expand our wings in the hope that our flight will be a controlled one. With effort and narrowness… 16 Aug 2001

Uniquely You

We carry our characteristics when ever and where ever we go. How else will our friends be able to recognize us? There is a core of our being that remains the same through thick and thin. No matter what ‘experience’ we have subjected ourselves… 13 Aug 2001

What Are You Waiting For?

Once upon a time there lived a man with a vision. Visions are not restricted to psychics, lunatics and the Indian Nation. Visions are restricted to those who care, and this man, who enjoyed life because it consisted of Life, had visions of… 14 Jul 2001

Say You Will

Some methods of madness just never seem to go away. They seem to always reappear in new dress or delivery, attempting to capture our interest. Today, it looks like these delivery options are quite workable and successful, but in reality they are… 13 Jul 2001

The Urge of Freedom

Have you ever believed something so hard as to actually not even remember that you willed yourself to believe it in the first place? Have you ever suddenly, out of the blue, just remembered a decision that you made and realized that you had… 12 Jul 2001

We See What We See

There is the one who exists for all time, for all place, for each and every thought that passes through from conception to creation. There is the one who exists for no one and no thing. The one and only one can be none other than the stance from… 28 Jun 2001

The Abyss

Practices, religions, ways of life, all express the same desire for release. Freedom, by any other name remains the same. It is the hope that drives Man to the edge of the Abyss, only to falter in uncertainty. Jumping to conclusions becomes self… 21 Jun 2001

The House That Jack Built

Long, long ago, there came to be a time called the Age of Enlightenment. This age of glory was much more than the attached title, it came to also be called the House That Jack Built. Who is Jack and what about the house that he built, what is… 15 Jun 2001

Tickets Please

The composite case has a make-up and that make-up always involves the appearance of extemporaneous theta particles attaching themselves by whatever method, to the core personality. That ‘core’ could be called the ‘thetan’. These particles of… 14 Jun 2001

The Seven Gates Of Hell

For a change of pace, here is some entertainment for you. The Seven Gates of Hell (affectionately called :) )… 31 May 2001

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