Alice In Wonderland

Years ago I used the screen name of alice during a posting episode to reflect particular traits which were desired at the time. In reviewing some of those posts the purpose certainly stands prominent. I just wanted to lay this in the concrete, so thanks for reading.

Have you ever wondered? I mean, have you ever really wondered at the nature and cause, perhaps through effect, of what the hell has been and is going on around here, on this planet let alone 'out there'? Do you tend to get taken in by all the hoopla and grandstanding regarding every single little thing that comes out through manufactured lips? Well, we do live in a Capitalistic society rife with energetic bunnies more than willing to lay it all down to the master so as to increase one's odds of being at the receiving end of a generous, glorious and grand hand out. Isn't religion wonder-full?

In silence the dead find rest but since Superman is only faster than a speeding locomotive then perhaps in relation we can then find the correct meaning. Who is your savior? From the three little pigs to the three stooges they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and even though they all have the same mother perhaps the apparent disparity lies elsewhere. Don't you just love magic tricks?

I have no idea where that was going but let's move on, shall we?

Out in the boondocks rednecks dance with joy while the high and mighty, in full battle dress, bow to the dance of fingers being pointed at them in chorus to the tune of stupid tight-ass cracker, smiling in their shallow graves as they turn over and over in their little pine boxes which they call home. Appropriately enough home is where the heart is.

I'd like to leave a couple of things from look-back time as a sort of bread-crumb approach to where we are now. Remember the time, the place and fashion accessories as I dust these off and pull them off the shelf from the back of the closet. There must be something there in order for that to happen.

Update : I changed my mind. Those posts will have to be found on your own.

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