In Case Of Fire...

In case of fire run like hell.

In the same way that not all claiming to be innocent are, when storms brew and unleash the only reason to be caught out in it is to already be in a state of ignorance. Sure, there are surprise renditions, but I'm not talking about that. For the same reason most people don't go up on the roof to adjust the antenna on a thundering evening the same applies. Surprisingly though, even despite technological advancement there are some who just have to entice the universe to show them just how stupid they are. Sometimes the universe responds quite readily but most times it takes repetition to produce results. Lots of repetition.

I do believe that that point has already been reached so the question becomes, what's the hold-up?

Man, being the ego-centric beingness that it is, leans towards expectation in so many ways and means. As if you are in control. You're not. Sorry to burst that impenetrable bubble.

Anyway, the point is that just because it looks like a duck and acts like a duck it doesn't mean that ducking will save your ass.

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