Barnyard Antics

It may seem that I've turned into a cluck, cluck, clucking barnyard hen with all the postings about me, me and me but it is not true. There is a point to the methodology. So if you come to the conclusion that I am full of myself, you would be right because if I was full of someone else then I would be acting like someone else and not myself. On the other hand if I was full of nothing but empty space then I would be a no-body doing no-thing. Well, that one is true too.

Sometimes I populate the empty space with something and run it through the grinder just to see what will happen. Other times it gets used as needed for the purpose envisioned and then, it's over. Right now with all the 'hen' talk, it's full of me expressing thoughts from the barnyard. I don't take it seriously because its just barnyard talk among the yard inhabitants - ducks, pigs, cows, you name it.

I'm not really a hen.

It's true that I do not take myself seriously because I'm just a figment of my imagination. And so are you.

Sometimes I have to work it in order to get the message home. Maybe next week I'll express myself like a bad-ass redneck with friends in tow, off on a hunting spree for widdle wabbits. Or maybe I'll climb the highest peak and sit for a spell, watching all the world's torment go by unaffected and unaffecting. Oh, I know. I'll play Ken and you play Barbie. Dress me as you like and then move and position me as it pleases you. Or perhaps I'll do I mix-up and confuse the heck out of everyone.

With so many choices is it any wonder that I just do what is needed. Not by my own choosing but by something else that moves beyond the limited capacity of the imagination to encase and enwrap it's existence.

Oh, there you are!

But please, don't listen to me, I'm just a hen cluck, cluck, clucking at the keyboard of life and living providing endless entertainment for those who would wish it.

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