Bits And Pieces, Falling

All the little kings and queens are taking turns, dabbling in bravery here and there and yet the trepidation never leaves. Pondering the outcome behind closed doors there is still nothing to be said. I've got a suggestion: why not strike up the band and go on tour again?

Did you get that reference?

Wishy-washy widows wend their way while the world continues to descend into madness. Perhaps it's more of an unveiling as the great unraveling takes place. Geez. Make a decision already. Fear is not your friend.

In case that doesn't sink in perhaps you better check in with the royal court so as to be 'user friendly'.

Underground and all around there are ghostly images of friend and foe. So what. It's your choice, not their's as to what you think, do or say. A man may listen to advice but is his own counsel1. Don't forget that. It's called being responsible for what you think, do and say.

No wonder the lines are blurred between man and... everything else.

Aliens hiding among us? While you're busy looking for the uniform the actions slip right past your nose.

Man the life boats! Believe me, you are not going anywhere. Especially where you haven't been before. The only difference is that I'm hoping you're all puckered out from running away so hard.

In case of fire, break glass. It's true, no one has fixed the glass since the last time it was broken - over and over again. Sheesh! Enough is enough already.

In the Planet of the Apes there are no winners. There never is. Remember that after the zombie attack and you feel like you're on top of the world.

From whence we come thar she blows. Believe me, it's just a bedtime story.

If you have read this far then please don't go any further until it all starts to make sense for you. Wrapping your mind around your favorite blanky and lovingly carrying it around with you for all to see is... embarrassing. Some monkeys get the collar and the music box. Have you heard that news or was that other blind eye employed yet again.

Lastly, just because words are written the only thing standing between you and your fate is... nothing. Sorry, there is nothing I can do. It's all up to you. Please tell yourself that.

  1. Originally 'council' was the word used here. It's import should be noted. 

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