Lying In Wait

Once upon a time I was alive but then I died right away. I could not bear the stupidity of make-believe aka 'life'. It's been said that life is what you make it but try doing that with the enemy breathing down your throat. Of course the 'enemy' is only yourself looking back at you in the mirror of Life and Living but what does that have to do with anything, right?

I should digress at this point to fill in the blanks but that time has come, gone and displaced it's self in the deep end of the gene pool spreading like yesterday's foul-smelling garbage bag which has unceremoniously dumped itself all over... everything! Wouldn't want the neighbors to see that now would we.

Sometimes I have to chuckle to myself but when I do I can't help but remember that remembering is all that is left to many of the walking dead because reality is not something to be considered much less encountered. Egads! No wonder that their bite is worse than their bark. Or is that the other way around? Sometimes I confuse myself betwixt and between reality, idle gossip and flashes of recurring nightmares - you know the one, that one.

Look! It's a stampede!

Quick, lock the doors, bar the windows and break every damn mirror in the place. Niceties are what decent people do to themselves and others but that game went to the sidelines, per the referee, a long, long time ago. It's truly a modern scientific wonder that people can sit for that long of a time. Yeah, be a good dog and just watch from over there will you. We'll call you if we need you, uh-huh.

As the days twiddle down the next big thing is always on the horizon but the only thing that ends up horizontal is our cold life-less pound of flesh taken to task and coming up short. Maybe next time, echoes the faint stirrings of... nothing.

If I could believe it when I see it, it would mean that I'm still looking. I'm not, so trying to impress me with but another round of sleight of hand is... amusing. Some people just don't get it as I shake my head rattling a few loose marbles previously dedicated to law and order around and around - god that's annoying! I'm going to have to get that fixed, said with a sly grin.

» A Side Note

I've decided to put a name to these types of postings. It shall be named...


Almost had you didn't I?

Talking is everyone's favorite past-time and now that the cat is out of the bag where oh where did it run off to? You do realize that now that the bag is empty someone is gonna have to replace that space don't you? Even though space is at a premium there always seems to be just enough room for one more down at the local cemetery, pick any one and see. Does one feel more right than the other?

Well, that's it for this round of story-telling. Hopefully it was entertaining for you. Go ahead, have a smoke.

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