Look At Me! No Hands!

This planet, unlike some other ones, constantly seems to require attention. It's the old 'me... me... me...' trick. Good god. I'd like to be the first one in line when it comes to throwing the switch to 'off' and letting the natives have their way.

I mean, enough is enough already. For the love of god please, please grow up and put some big boy pants on (said in a general way).

It's not all about self-service, it's about full service.

Some just don't 'get it' no matter the amount of egg on the face, dripping into the fire-pan of pain and torment.

So excuse me while I go and sit in the back of the taxi and enjoy the rest of this little ride of yours. I find that position similar to a day at the carnival enjoying the thrills and spills of each and every ride. Don't worry, I already paid the price so I get to ride free for as long and as much as you like.

Go ahead. Make my day...

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