Serious Business

If you don't see me does that mean that I am not here? If I diminish my presence does that me that I am nothing but a lowly cur suitable for treatment fit for such? What if I regale my position of poor standing from the highest mountain tops, will that be suitable enough for reality to become manifest?

Oh, I know. Becoming human should be enough, right? That ought to do the 'trick'.

I would laugh my ass off but I wouldn't want to appear to be vulgar and 'insensitive' -- that just would not do, would it?

I love all the hustle and bustle that is occurring in the various 'circles' these days. Makes me think of the story of Chicken Little (it's not exactly appropriate here but I did write it ages ago if that counts).

Where was I? Or is that, where am I? In any case I'm sure I can be found barking up a tree at yet another tossed shoe made of the finest leather and all shiny-like. Oh what a treat! If only I could get to it!

I would laugh my ass off yet again but these 'people' are deadly serious! So in accordance with custom and currently accepted etiquette standards (as duly authorized) I will 'politely' and humorously let out a soft chuckle.

I just love big, humongous 'meetings' where the real cattle wander aimlessly back and forth between the walls of their own torment and despair. Just so you know, I attend each and every one of them because there are some things in this universe that I just can't miss.

I'd insert a track of canned laughter suitable for a day-time television game show here but I'm torn between that and one of the same but with applause. Both I think, would be a bit much to handle all at once, what do you think?

I better check my etiquette manual, you know the authorized one.

Don't worry, I'm still in the back of the taxi, enjoying the wonderful ride you are allowing me to have. It feels so good to 'have', makes we want to want more.

What? You want me to wipe that smile off my face?

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