Worthless Footnotes

This is a little note to explain something about the style of writing that I do. I do not follow rules of the so-called road preferring instead to use them as a basis of understanding in order to move past conviction, convention and any other 'con' in current use or fashion today. If you can imagine that 7th grade English teacher wielding the ruler of use, all prim and proper like, then you can also imagine the rogue whose aberrant behavior creates enough discomfort to curdle milk and so should be avoided at all costs. Programming is like that, stimulus response to predicable events.

That is not why you are here.

So in conformity with that approach nothing is sacred but that look on your face.

Yeah, that one.

Moving On

The real meat and potatoes of an insight behind and beyond the veil of ignorance called bliss is something that should be cherished and served in a way fit for it's stature. But since all good things come to an end let's just bounce around a bit and see if clarity is revealed through glimpses of our future past or in a cup of cappuccino, being lost in the swirls and twirls of one's own reflection.

Have you ever tried to disturb someone who is hell-bent on taking a nap? It's a fine line between crashing down the walls of Jericho and giving up the Holy Ghost. You know what I mean.

If I had A Hammer

If I had a hammer I'd pound some sand but since all I have is nothing but the most recent edition of Galatica Encyclopedius I guess that makes me not only ignorant but stupid as well. Everybody knows that intelligence is marked by the ability to relate and correlate a never ending stream of facts and figures right out of a memory bank that never tires. Well then, count me in!

I'm such a showman, I should run away from myself and join the circus. I could set up a booth right next to the fat lady who sings and give out free out of body experiences to, you know, bypass the library of discontent.

But it's true. I do know nothing. He lives right down the street from I could care less. We're all in the same neighborhood. Or there abouts.

Lights Out

It's dinner time so I had better fill up before the inspectors arrive.

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