Shimmering Waves

You've heard about 'cosmic waves' haven't you? You know the one, about mysterious waves of energy emanating from god knows where but arriving none-the-less and making all sorts of commotion, stimulating 'change'. Cool!

Well. I'm here to tell you that as much as the New Agers want, better yet, yearn for whatever it is that is dancing in their 'fashion sense' heads this has nothing at all to do with one's own little corner of the universe. And that 'ascension' thing just has to go, I mean where does this fairyland tale come from anyway, and no matter the level of current cgi1 'sophistication' the painted picture is still just the same old pair of rose-colored glasses so delightfully perched upon the nose of willful imagination.

Anyway, though civilizations rise and fall ad nauseum of what use is 'figuring it all out' going to make. The blinders on a horse help to keep it on track and despite the natives2 desire to 'know' what lies beyond the veil it falls far short of a graduation ceremony marking the thrilling conclusion of first grade and the moving on into Deep Space Nine.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Surfer dudes love 'cosmic waves' because it's a chance to catch the big one. Sometimes you never know if this is the one but a day at the beach is tons better than a day at the playground called zombieland. Believe me, I know (or so I've been told).

Telling one's self anything is like being at the shore looking out upon the vast ocean and admiring it's majestic beauty. Odd that the level of magnitude is rising, but oh the view! And then the inevitable happens and as the tsunami rolls over one's self without a care in the world, the body count racks up. I really dislike picking up the trash after that stupid neighborhood dog which is allowed to wander as it likes, pokes and prods it's way into every corner of the known universe spilling and soiling it's way into notoriety.

Out beyond the edges of perception where the mind fails in it's attempt to extend it's sticky little tendrils, cause and concern become paramount. Consciousness is so important is it not? Everything revolves around it and therefore must come before it on bended knee with deep reverence for the greatness that we are.

*Rolls eyes*

Like the little puddle of mind where thought becomes the stone effecting ripples of time, space and breakfast cereal, the cause and effect of imagination becomes not only insignificant but useless as well.

So if 'cosmic waves' are the radio signal can you hear what I am saying? Or should I wait for the 'ascension' of the radio dial to be moved ever so slightly so as to take it all in.

On that subject, the fidelity of FM is so much better than AM. Don't you think?

  1. Computer-Generated Imagery, you know... pretty pictures, the more 'moving' or 'powerful' the better. I have no sense of it but can you dig it? 

  2. I have high regard for the Keepers of the Land and so my use of this term is strictly limited to local inhabitants, demonstrating particular characteristics. 

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