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Eagles Fly

In times of old ‘progressive’ thinking became the basis of thinking and from that was born an era of mindless ecstasy rooted in self-serving venues where performances and performers endeavored to out-perform any and every thing on the face of… 27 Oct 2019

Shimmering Waves

You’ve heard about ‘cosmic waves’ haven’t you? You know the one, about mysterious waves of energy emanating from god knows where but arriving none-the-less and making all sorts of commotion, stimulating ‘change’. Cool! Well. I’m here to tell… 15 Mar 2016

Look At Me! No Hands!

This planet, unlike some other ones, constantly seems to require attention. It’s the old ‘me… me… me…’ trick. Good god. I’d like to be the first one in line when it comes to throwing the switch to ‘off’ and letting the natives have their… 25 Feb 2016

Broken Bones

Which craft is supposedly doggedly determined to undermine the effluent manners of pigs and dinosaurs and in so doing relegate the newspaper to puppy love all the while eating Rahoul at the stake. Churning and burning with hate and desire the… 01 Feb 2015

Providing the Context

There really isn’t anything to say therefore I am saying something in order to point out the absurdity of it all. Like the freight train of thought which passes through town very quickly and with a clearly defined purpose quite out of mind, the… 07 Dec 2014

Killer Klowns

There is a movie called “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” from which this derives it’s name. The movie is ridiculous but the message is not…. 04 Aug 2011

Sailing The Dangerous Waters of New-Found Territory

The exploration of new Lands is always looked upon with an excitement born from the ashes of boredom. In the killing of creativity interest goes willy-nilly out in the vast ‘unknown’ kingdom called make believe. It is this new territory… 25 Oct 2010

Boasting of The Timeline

Working in secret there are no secrets and so when the word comes down the pike who is it that gives and receives? Dastardly deeds never go unpunished and yet the few remain. In confusion the scattering of the winds forces us all to look anew at… 11 Oct 2010

Status Report : March 2010

Originally this report was going to contain but one line but I decided to include some other relevant data for your entertainment, duly noted as Part I and Part II. … 09 Mar 2010

Paradise Lost, Paradise Gained

I find it strange how some people tend to lose themselves in their own endeavors. In fact, it is much, much more than just some, or a few, people. My foundation in Scientology principals remains the same as it has always remained, While it is… 23 Jul 2008

Climbing Stairs To Perpetuity

Ever seeking, we tend to train our minds to always look exterior to our selves, to always focus it’s attention and drive in acquiring solutions to our problems from our environment. Once this ingrained thought becomes second nature we no longer… 13 Dec 2006

Freedom From Being 'Cleared'

The ‘FreeZone’, like many individuals who have ‘freedom’ on this planet, survive and gather their so-called strength from controversy. Without it, they are doomed to die a quick death. Without something to keep their attention and emotions on,… 20 Jan 2004

Where Are We Going, Dave?

From “What are you doing?” to “Where are you going?”, time has a way of flying us all along the path of no return. The answer to where we are going is simple, but in complexity is where the real mystery lies. Indeed, if it is not complex, surely… 22 Dec 2003

HK : Show and Tell

Particles = pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Maybe thats why there are so many damn pictures floating about. Observing these haphazardly strewn about, is it any wonder that “thetans” will begin “tuning” them out?… 01 Jun 2001

The "Fleece of Freedom"

From The Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin, Volume 1, No. 12, June, 1951 “Preventive Dianetics”, By Lafayette Ron Hubbard: “Morals are fine. However, morals are not understood by this society today. Dianetics hopes to make them a little better… 04 Jan 2000


Watching for it’s own purposes leads the blind into alleys of darkness that few survive. Many times, it is safer to take action than to observe, but observation does have it's merits. It can lead one to realign existence based upon what has… 26 Dec 1999

FZA.ORG: The State of Case, A Personal Report

As a few of you have noticed, the main page at fza.org has taken on a “new” look. I hope that you have been enjoying this change and have taken a moment to reflect upon the current state of clearing in all of it’s physical and/or “theta” facets…. 27 Apr 1999

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