Eagles Fly

In times of old 'progressive'1 thinking became the basis of thinking and from that was born an era of mindless ecstasy rooted in self-serving venues where performances and performers endeavored to out-perform any and every thing on the face of the Earth... and beyond. It's the beyond thing that caused the ruckus we see today, not the natives running amuck in their own backyard naked, afraid and foaming at the mouth with fervent hopes, dreams and government-approved and sanctioned ways of living and... dying. Don't be afraid, just follow the path and you'll come out all right.

Like I said, hopes and dreams.

But we are so much more than that are we not? Glancing in the Mirror of Life and Living we sometimes surprise ourselves seeing some particular aspect in it's realistic nature. You know the one, completely naked and yet queerly unafraid in complete opposition to what we have come to believe and surround ourselves with.

There are some who do not run with the pack.2

Just over the rainbow lies the perplexing problem of just what the hell do we do with those natives?3 But in surmising existence we come to find that our thoughts betray us and in the end we have nothing and have done nothing. In attempting to measure our worth the imagined scales find no purchase and so we parlay our winnings and let it all ride. Eventually we find that the universe is not the playground we once thought and so come to sit a spell in order to figure it all out.

Tabulating our winnings, our trials and tribulations we come to find that place. You know the one, where we let it all go and take note that our baggage is no longer the burden of ourselves. In change we take flight.

My only advice is to watch the winds during flight. It will tell you all you need to know about who you are.4

  1. aka radical or otherwise known as self-serving. You know the kind. 

  2. If only I could tell you more... 

  3. This is a bit tongue-in-cheek but valid none-the-less. How's that for the use of dashes. 

  4. Usually my opinion is free and advice costly. So in this sense the advice given could perhaps be considered opinion but it's more like an expression of that which creates opportunity while withholding responsibility for the recipient. That makes me laugh. :-) 

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