Disclaimer of Irresponsibility

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By Paul Misiunas on Sunday, December 26, 1999 - 07:12 pm:
Disclaimer of Irresponsibility

I hereby disclaim any haphazard occurrences of seemingly unrelated events that may arise out of reading what is contained within. I assume only the responsibility of conveying my thoughts and experiences, not of what might result thereby. In other words, I write. If you read what I have written, then we both can assume that you are personally willing to take responsibility for that action. Knowledge does not kill but homo sapiens do.

This written work reflects my views, opinions, experiences and outlandish statements. Welcome to my world. This is not your world, even though I have welcomed you to it. There are other ulterior motives. I wish for you to embark on the exploration of your own world, and if what you read within encourages you, whether by positive or negative effects, to explore some personal area further - than I will be gladdened, and we will both have benefited from experiencing this written work, each in our own way.

I make the statement of irresponsibility because there are those who always seek others on which to place blame and on which to extend their own, not quite sane, hallucinations. I accept neither responsibility, nor the associated hallucinations, of what might result from this written work. My own personal experience has continuously reflected a guideline of which I seem to regularly follow. That guideline is: Once something is created, experience the effects of that creation and then let it go.

Paul Misiunas

My thoughts and reflections, whether written or not, are the sole property of the Infinite. If It has directed you to read them, disabuse them or even become 'enlightened' by them, then so be it.

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