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By Paul Misiunas on Sunday, December 26, 1999 - 06:35 pm:

Thought progresses from one's own individuality and comes alive upon it's interpretation by those who seem to be currently in a receptive mood. That is not to say that thought cannot exist independently of it's originator - it most certainly can.

Thought becomes the reality in which we view our surroundings. For those who endeavor to make the "real" that much more so, the thought becomes all encompassing. Now there is a scary thought. Unfortunately, we have all passed this milestone, at one point or another, in our seemingly never ending journey of "self" discovery. Which is another joke altogether.

Thought engenders understanding, and "self" discovery brings forth the assumption that we are not ourselves, but merely a misguided interpretation of something which we have long since forgotten. We hope that our survival will become enhanced by those who we feel are "better off" than we ourselves are.

In many cases there exists those very same people who we have created, and who carry out our agenda for "enlightenment". The elusive path of self discovery is fraught with imaginary trials and tribulations of possibilities that only we ourselves could imagine and most certainly attempt to "live up" to.

Obfuscation of encumbering remembrances leads us to the ultimate doom in which we place ourselves almost every single day of our most "interesting" lives. Where will this storybook fantasy take us? All roads lead to Rome. There are those things which remain unchanged despite our best efforts of making them "not so".

Efforting in resolving circumstances in which we have already placed our confidence certainly seems ill fated to some, and mysterious to most others. I prefer the ill fated path than the self delusional one. It is far better to willingly destroy oneself, than it is to make believe that it never happened, and that if it ever did happen (which of course could not be true) we would certainly take pride in being able to completely deny such ludicrous fabrications. After all, mysteries do happen and most certainly do happen of their own accord, spontaneous or not.

So let us continue our efforts of pulling together seemingly unrelated data and sort, collate and fabricate "truth" as we know it.

On the other hand, shall we take a new look at our situation and act accordingly?

The effort of creating a path through the vast jungle of "knowledge" required us to understand the jungle and it's inhabitants. I would much rather prefer being in total ignorance of the jungle and it's dwellers, and forge a path in total disharmony. This requires a "reality break" mentality and flies in direct opposition to those who would rather feel more "in tune" with others in their environment.

Environments nurture and sustain growth of some particular aspect of life. Sooner or later, the kids must leave home.

Many philosophies require a single rallying point of "discovery". For these thinkers I strongly suggest taking the flock for a short walk over a lovely scenic cliff somewhere where peace and tranquility can be had as easily as an individuality.

I advocate a philosophy whereby the efforting of existence can be replaced with whatever next thought come to us. Efforting is just that - a thought which came to us and somehow, as is the current custom, word spread like wildfire that THIS is the "in" thing. Is it not time to behold this thing for what it is?

Some philosophies require initiation into secretive ceremonies and in order for the advocate to fully understand the meaning of these, it is required that they undergo intense "training". Haven't we all been "trained" enough yet? When is it that the time will come where we can confidently exclaim that our "training" is what has been our downfall all along. Training has it's purpose, but the purpose of life is not training. The purpose of life is enjoyment, and if one requires "training" in order to partake of that enjoyment, then the depths of hell have been equally embraced.

Knowledge should not be confused with "training" and "training" should not be confused with understanding. True knowledge comes with a sidekick called understanding. "Training" comes with the albatross called "responsibility". I'll leave it to your imagination as to just what that entails.

Confusion runs rampant among those who lack the ability to comprehend. To cease the whirlwind, all that must be done is to contemplate the action that one can be misdirected. All is not as it seems in our quiet and peaceful neck of the woods.

Have you recently taken a look around?

Paul Misiunas

My thoughts and reflections, whether written or not, are the sole property of the Infinite. If It has directed you to read them, disabuse them or even become 'enlightened' by them, then so be it.

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