The Purpose, and The Pain

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By Paul Misiunas on Sunday, December 26, 1999 - 07:17 pm:
The Purpose, and The Pain

What a strange title. It seems appropriate for these strange times, but that is another story. The purpose of this written work is multi-fold, but before I embark on that adventure I would like to clarify "written work".

Is this a book? I hope not.
Is this a personal expose'? God, no.
An essay? Maybe.

I could go on in that vein for quite some time, but I'll be just a bit less dramatic. This "written work" is labelled as such because that name reflects the vagueness of what may be contained within. But I also like to be able to use the phrase "do not be deceived by what you see". This phrase applies quite readily to "written work".

The purpose in transcribing my scattered, and quite loud, thoughts are probably more devilish than you may suspect, but it also reflects the effort of convincing you of the idea that there may, even by some slim chance, exist the possibility that what you have come to believe as truth, is in actual fact, much more than that.

Opening one's eyes is a delightful experience.

This written work is not a disguised attempt to get you to open your eyes. In truth, it is an obvious attempt to get you to recognize the fact that possibilities exist, and those possibilities are only bound by your own mechanisms. If I appear outlandish at times, that is good. If I make it appear that my statements and experiences are more fantasy than fact, then that is good as well. If I open up the possibility of destroying known "facts", then I will be richly rewarded, for I am a rebel and causing untoward upheavals is a job requirement.

Purposeful activity defines us. It enriches us. It gives us... purpose. It also destroys worlds and creates monsters. It can also keep us busy while others succeed at some shared activity. Purpose is something which is done that contains a, sometimes unknown, goal. My goal for banging away on these keys for an extended period of time is to create a conduit for that which has been contained within me for a period of time much longer than the extended-banging-away-at-keys one. It is also a journey for us both. I wonder if it will be anything like what we may expect.

But what about The Pain? The pain is only the byproduct of our bigoted views. Hopefully, there will not be an inordinate amount of pain associated with the reader assimilating this written work. Pain reminds us to avoid some specific experience. I rather that you avoid experiences based upon your own knowledge and without the encumbrances of created mechanisms that are usually, all too soon forgotten. The path of pain is a painful one, but I would rather take the less travelled route to same destination. You may regard me as quite lazy in this regard.

Along those lines, I have described within this written work, various mechanisms that I have used to avoid the painful route of discovery. In the course of that journey, I have redeemed myself many times by rewarding myself with painful reminders of the correct direction in which I should be treading. Maybe you will not be as lucky as I, in this regard. I wish that it will be as such.

Might it be that you begin to recognize and understand the style of my approach? In either case, there will be laughter, but do not be surprised when it comes from unexpected places. The joke of life is we ourselves, and a fine joke it is!

For those of you who endeavor to attach themselves to whatever moves them, let me clarify my background in the hopes that polite dissuasion will suffice in place of the more direct approach. I make no claims to any training philosophy and thereby acknowledge that my capabilities amount to little when it comes to passing on whatever authoritative accomplishments that I may have accumulated along the way. I recognize no authority in this regard, and encourage a like minded philosophy as applicable to myself.

If a God is to be judged by it's creations, then I encourage you to be judged by your own creations and not that of another's.

This written work was created in bits and pieces. If the entire work seems just a little "off", well, then it mostly likely will be a reflection of my own tormented state. If you, by some small chance, happen to pick up on a commonality thread which srepentines its way throughout this work, then please do not hold me responsible. I don't handle it well...

You may have already surmised that my humor extends to myself as well as "externally". I have no problem in using myself for some point that humor may provide. That does not mean that I look upon myself in some derogatory way, nor should it be taken as an acceptance for you to do the same. It is merely used as a tool, and as a tool it should not be confused with something else.

Paul Misiunas

My thoughts and reflections, whether written or not, are the sole property of the Infinite. If It has directed you to read them, disabuse them or even become 'enlightened' by them, then so be it.

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