Getting The Old Knickers In A Bind

The best laid plans of mice and men.1 Low and behold as we read the Akashic Records tucked away right in the dust jacket a little note was hidden. Curious as to what the note said or the reading itself? I'm sorry to break it to you but I don't read any records, none at all. The thirst for knowing it all has done and left me for good a while back. I've left cookie crumbs if you're interested in foraging but I digress yet again.2

The note said that if you can read this, you are too close.

Perception is funny that way isn't it? Always making things appear larger than what they really are, or is that more important? Either way works it just depends upon the point of view. Some view it hot and others, cold but the distinction is the difference. We do make our world do we not? Perhaps that is why some get chapped at how life echoes back their own inner turmoil, no matter how deep and darkly buried they may make it to be.

When the clothes become uncomfortable perhaps the time has come to reorient one's self, to change one's stature or state of being into something more agreeable. You know, something more appealing along the lines of being the life of the party. You don't see those kinds of folks constantly and nervously checking and rechecking the perimeter.

Allegories aside, in the Mirror of Life and Living there are no dead3.

Yup. That about wraps it up.

  1. Just for the record, that first sentence came out as: The best laid plans of mice men. It's much more appropriate that way but misses a few nuances. 

  2. It's an old Magician's trick about on par with Bozo the Clown showing up at the front door right on schedule for a child's celebratory birthday. 

  3. Perhaps the appropriate version or definition of dead will be applied here but since this is a directed sentence, good luck! 

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