Stepping Stones To A Dead End

Infinity is endless. Less an end to come to, what then will become of those poor 'lost' souls who wander and wonder upon the sands of time herein referred to as 'Earth'. But never mind that, right?

I love the endless symphony of orchestration, the wily ways of Man. Reminds me of some past Memorial Day pic-a-nic1 that never happened.

I could go on but I'm busy watching the dead run into a brick wall. I know, it's pretty boring isn't it but it does create a nice atmosphere where nothing happens and lets me run to the pantry for some real nice fake snack 'food'. Returning to my previous position I forget where I put the remote, and so as the zombified background fills the room it provides a nice setting in which to create an air of importance so that the 'lost' become 'found'.

Sometimes I wonder what it really is that I am talking about.

We all come to term in one way or another. I'm glad to help with that not because I just so happen to be good at it but because these things have long been played out. No crystal ball needed. It's not that destiny awaits you it's more along the lines that reaping what has been sowed provides not just entertainment but also a thrilling ride. At least some seem to think so.

I am never bored so providing a three-ring circus free of charge is not much of an enticement. For times such as those I always seem to misplace the remote and fail to notice the captivated audience2.

You can always tell an egotistical person by their use of the 'I' word, especially when it's used as the first word of a paragraph - even more so when repeatedly used that way. I of course would never do such a thing, the reason being that I am not here and you do not exist.

  1. Said in my very best Yogi Bear mannerism. 

  2. Here the 'audience' is being referred to as the performers themselves. 

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