From Obligation To Awesomeness

So much of my life has been lived in obligation and now that I have crossed over I think that freedom from one's own obligations are like the proverbial lead weight while swimming even with the tide. Dropping the hammer of ill-repute always brings a fresh, clean sea breeze as the air takes on a magical quality begetting futures not yet imagined1.

Now that we are all on the same page I have indeed completed, to my own satisfaction, that which has been promised. Leaving no soldier behind, loved ones included, doesn't mean that one is required, for all eternity, to submit one's self to the hopes and dreams of another's unfulfilled fantasy steeped in perpetual inaction.

If one wishes to play dead then it's ok to play dead for as long as the wish is nurtured and kept alive by one's own hand.

As time and purpose continues to flow under the bridge not all survive.2

Ignoring the lifeboat justifies the peril.3

In description we find meaning.4

  1. In truth I've got quite the imagination. 

  2. It's a lie but don't let that belief system hinder you in any way. 

  3. These are not my words. 

  4. Those are my words and a good place to wrap this up. 

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