A Shallow Breath Away

The times of times are upon us and yet, and yet there is a nagging feeling in the back of this mind that not all is well in the land of Denmark, dreams and especially in the mirror of life, living and the beyond. Here I sit neither in judgment nor contemplation and yet, and yet there is this nagging feeling way back in time where things are not 'just so'. Does this mean that a bit of 'readjustment' is needed? Perhaps a bit of tugging and perspective? No my friend, there is no such time for such delinquent ramblings born from the mind of man. Indeed, there is nothing worth anything at all.

Did you believe all that? I hope not because the ending is nothing like the beginning - at all. If you follow the yellow brick road does it always lead one to the promised land? Of course in studies and inbred imaginings it does but that is neither here nor there.1

Common sense does not mean that the ramblings of a 'sane' mind need apply. It's true that one's perspective defines one's reality but what happens when the one who does all that perceiving is in a different place altogether?

That is point being made here.

Perspective defines us and yet it is but a shallow breath away from reality.2

  1. It's true, I have neither here nor there. Perspective defines us and yet it is but a shallow breath away from reality. 

  2. Nothing else need be said. 

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