The World, United

The game plan is to bring into the fold each and every nation on the planet, to create an umbrella of not just influence but of control. And it's working.

At least it appears to be so. Just look at these gatherings of like-minded sock puppets.

The list could go on and on.

The overwhelming conformity should be to you as a gigantic red flag, fireworks included.

Exerting control over the human mind is not difficult - it's actually easy. I know that that sounds simplistic but it really is. Confusing time as a delimiting factor would be incorrect. In the push for domination Man's mind is like silly putty and impressions tend to be carried forward until the medium becomes overwhelmed with impurities thereby permanently altering it's nature. At least that is the accepted theory and we will let that stand for now.

We let it stand for now because some people deserve what they do to themselves. Not withstanding the back-draft of what is done to others.

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