Tag: sockpuppet

The World, United

The game plan is to bring into the fold each and every nation on the planet, to create an umbrella of not just influence but of control. And it's working. At least it appears to be so. Just look at these gatherings of like-minded sock... 14 Oct 2013

A Line In The Sand

This is just a silly little note to let those who seem to have forgotten that Mike and Virginia McClaughry are close associates and though our approaches may appear to be different, they are not. You see there is much going on, on several fronts... 13 Sep 2013

Number Five

Basis: Can one conclude that every organization which has been created for the specific purpose of altering the mind of Man be a slavemaster invention? I think the answer speaks for it's self.... 04 Sep 2013

Barbie and Ken

This planet loves playing Barbie dolls. It's all the rage to 'pretend' that one's self is some sort of a sockpuppet, to be used and abused to no end. How quaint. In that respect, finding those who have grown up becomes a special event. Not... 15 Aug 2013

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