Number Five

Basis: Can one conclude that every organization which has been created for the specific purpose of altering the mind of Man be a slavemaster invention?

I think the answer speaks for it's self.

Compassion and charity starts at home, not at some distance away.

Additional Inscriptions


British slavemasters positioned the Jews, all in one place, in creating the Land of Israel. What better way than to have one's declared enemies, at the time recently devastated by convenience, gathered into one place where they may be lorded over and used to great effect upon the world at large.

Think about the consequences of that proposition.

Deceptively British

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

I think that Mike would be much more knowledgeable about this than I.


"God save the Queen!"

No so-called 'good' deed goes unpunished.

It's true.

Justice may be blind but blind supplication never is. Not for one, one hundred, one million or even the entire population of Albion.

I wonder what lies beneath the City of London. God forbid that should become known.

When one walks into a den of thieves the famous walk into the desert to face one's demons applies. Returning unscathed is the mark, test and conviction of the worth of a man.

There is no looking back.

That alone scares the bejesus out of some.

It's not my problem.

Seal of Fate

Symbolism is like the spoken or written word, it conveys the perspective of it's creator.

In reading or listening or even in symbolism, one is inclined to participate in the originator's perspective. In order to recieve a communication one must be receptive. There is no way around that and it's an automatic entryway into the receptor's world of thinking and thought. It is at this juncture in which meaning takes form and shape. Think flash cards.

The Great Seal of the United States clearly demarcates territory.

As the meaning sinks in the invitation to it's perpetuity is offered. Once accepted it becomes real.

It is how the war for the mind of Man becomes conquered.

The remedy is to think for yourself. But that is only a partial victory. A full remedy requires an understanding beyond the squares of the chessboard, beyond the realm of mice and men.

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