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Smile For The Camera

Pictures are worth a thousand... nothings. ... 20 Apr 2018

Thoughts of Grandeur

Way back in the day when I did the fza.org thingy I met and befriended Mike and Virginia. It was my good fortune to be able to do so and over the years that friendship has never wavered. Even in the face of concerted efforts by others the basis... 21 Aug 2017

Friends In High Places

Remember Douglas Adams and the Encyclopedia Galactica and also the better known Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Well humans, isn't it about time to understand what goes on in your own neck of the woods? I mean really, if you have no idea... 14 Aug 2017

Crazy Talk From A Crazy Lady

Yeah like the title says, it's just plain ol' crazy. For the sleep-induced, those who overwhelmingly rely upon the contagion of mind-induced 'ideas' to be spread, multiplied and fruit-full this type of stuff is just plain crazy. It's just... 29 Aug 2016

This Ain't No Planet Of Apes

The ghost of Christmas past. Or is it the ghost of a Christmas that is yet to be. I know for certain that present time is excluded but from that vantage point, oh what a view! I'm not usually physically conscious when the sun comes up but if... 10 Mar 2016

Harmonic Communication

This one is really out there so please don't make a big deal about it because it is meant to be that way. Years ago when a merry band of Hubbardites came to my apartment in Mountain View, California to recruit me for the Sea Org (I think it... 29 Sep 2013

A Line In The Sand

This is just a silly little note to let those who seem to have forgotten that Mike and Virginia McClaughry are close associates and though our approaches may appear to be different, they are not. You see there is much going on, on several fronts... 13 Sep 2013

FZA: Conclusion

I do believe that it is time for the dearly departed to, for the love of god, depart. I am really happy to do so because that website is like a dead weight being dragged along on the floor. Therefore, the domain name will be pointing... 09 Sep 2013

Number Five

Basis: Can one conclude that every organization which has been created for the specific purpose of altering the mind of Man be a slavemaster invention? I think the answer speaks for it's self.... 04 Sep 2013

Aiming Point Blank

Lately there have been a few interesting developments becoming apparent and so I would like to relay the follow: The aims of Psychological Warfare:... 12 Feb 2013

The McClaughry's Memorial

Recently someone made mention something about this website becoming a memorable to Mike and Virginia McClaughry. What a great idea! Therefore, I am going to suspend all further communication until this has been accomplished. Before beginning I... 04 Sep 2008

Falling Into Agreement

How easy it is to claim an understanding of the philosophies of Scientology and yet be completely ignorant of them at the same time. Talk about a dichotomy! These days it becomes so easy to idealize just about everything and then when it comes... 25 Jul 2005

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