Aiming Point Blank

Lately there have been a few interesting developments becoming apparent and so I would like to relay the follow:

The aims of Psychological Warfare: undermine the enemies will and capacity to resist.

- Practical Knowledge – Psychological Warfare and You

While I have not had any contact whatsoever in the recent past with both or either Mike and Virginia McClaughry I must say that their exposé regarding various subject matter is quite exhilarating and worthy of dissection. In relation to this and my discussion with another I would like to state a point of two.

When dealing with those of ill-repute (such as those who live and die by the sword of lies and deceit) oft times it is ignored that one's perspectives are apropos. Let me perhaps break this down a bit and see where it leads. undermine the enemies will and capacity to resist.

In order to create a contrary position one must have clarity of sight in order to determine exactly what it is that one is seeing as well as it's polar opposite. There is me and there is you. If 'me' wants to dominate or exact control over 'you' then a disparity must be created. 'I' am the friend where 'you' are the foe. I know, it's such a silly game to play only made more ridiculous by the wearing of the ever fashionable and 'never going out of style' white and black hats. Pick a side or fashion, it doesn't really matter but the fact of you picking is what initiates game play. That is what really matters.

It's like winning the lottery. You can't win if you don't play. But what isn't said is that you can't win until 'losing' becomes an accepted part of the painted picture. There are winners and there are losers. Only losers gamble like that, participating in a game of choice created by those of ill-repute. After all, these types of games benefit only one side and all that the losers can hope for is a few spoils frivolously discarded at the Master's feet.

Now that one has placed themselves in that position all the other games of 'chance' take on new meaning and becomes, of course, worthy 'opportunities' in which one must strenuously endeavor to fulfill. Pulling the strings, puppets dance to and fro fixated with that stupid frozen smile upon their face. Are you buying it? Not to burst your bubble but you already have.


The truth of the matter is that one's will cannot be undermined. Can you wake up one morning and solemnly declare that you are now 'Mr. Fruity Pebbles'? Sure, in jest you can but you already know full well who you are. Pretending you are some silly made-up character is easy because there is no compulsion to perform.

But what happens when the subject turns serious and pressure is brought to bear? Can you suddenly become 'Ms. Worker Bee', laboring at the local slave factory when the threat of having no place to live is provided? It's sort of like 'Truth and Consequences'. Accept the consequences and you will have truth.

What rubbish!

Are you beginning to see the gears churning in their appropriate place yet?

There are always 'enemies of state'. There has to be in light of the fact of conquest and control. This is the psychological warfare employed; to get you to change your mind about how you view your environment, to take the offered view as if one of your own. Is that a sign of friendly forces?

In order to diminish the capacity to resist there must already be established in the mind a subject which one finds abhorrent. This is the sticker shock every salesman dreams of. It's called baiting the trap. It doesn't matter what ridiculous claim, requirement or action is taken as this first foray is designed to solely grab the attention of the mark. The purpose here is to create an adversarial environment. There is you and there is me.

Now that a separation has been created by you roles have been defined and in doing so you become subject to them. It is, after all, your creation. Even though it was someone else's idea it doesn't matter as you are solely responsible for your actions.

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