Watching The Watchers Watching

Civilizations come and go and in time as another thought bubble makes it's rise, the entire process repeats itself ever onward. So the question must be asked: what is it's purpose? From what definitive circumstance do beings come together in order to ride the wave of future happenings? If this cycle is simply the response of the washing machine completing it's endless chore of doing the laundry a good deed, toward what end has this mechanical device been devoted? There are always questions it seems and the mind is certainly a good companion in this regard. Like the ever present spool of film, life reveals itself in it's showing.

Is that supposed to be a surprise?

It's not to me that is for sure but unlike the masses drawn to the blue pearl for due regard I have no such fate. In this respect watching those who watch reveals the lines of _dis_content and interest. Let's face it, there is much interest thrown and bandied about here. It's what makes all the propaganda tick. You see, I don't really believe in sleeping giants nor do I think that people are stupid.

Just because sheep will all fall off the cliff at once doesn't mean that some errant thought could never come into existence and completely redefine it's role in life - and I do mean completely.

For some, life is an expectation from which fruit is borne, relished and devoured. The 'fail-safe' of intent is supposed to ensure that that thought remains firmly in existence which, of course, is like expecting Santa Clause at any moment. Here is where I throw up the 'kids in a sandbox' thought-bubble. Every good kid deserves their own sandbox in which to carry out their hopes, dreams, and what-not. It still comes down to the same old playground playing host to children at play.

It's a nice analogy but let's move on from that shall we?

I don't get involved in local affairs. I just can't help it. Y'all want one thing or another and that is fine by me, have at it. I'm not foreign to the notion of 'offerings' to placate one's mental state after a good deal of wrong-doing. It never works of course, but someone has to take the fall. It's like walking around with a big fat target on one's back. It's also like the tribe of cannibals eating their 'enemies' so as to gain the strength of fortitude. Some beings just can't live without making others responsible for their own misguided deeds. But don't worry - it's just a phase, something to endure while sanity starts to creep in. Not rush in that is for sure because then all hell would break loose, but a nice slow creep. That's the ticket.

Endurance is nothing but will-power brought into play in an attempt to over-power the resistance of life and living. It's my way or the highway. Can you believe that some people actually do that? They throw the weight of their baggage all over the place hoping that someone will resolve it for them. How does one get rid of the excess baggage which one desires to keep?

The way is slow because haste makes waste, is that right? Who in their right mind would make rash decisions which could very well have unintended consequences? Gotta look out for the unexpected, right? Wouldn't want to disturb the kids in their sandbox.

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