Status Report : 31 May 2013

The choice of choosing the garden path or the warrior's creed is in high gear. The reverberations of that choice continue to ripple through at it's mid to end point. Facing the music, strings are pulled and the puppets dance.

Scorched Earth1 is being slightly balanced.

The onslaught of those with 'knowledgeable information' continues as is expected. The cycle continues.

Here is where the real test of conviction begins.

Accordingly, all local mandates are to be effectually withdraw.

In the push comes the shove.

  1. scorched earth:

    1. relating to or being a military policy involving deliberate and usually widespread destruction of property and resources (as housing and factories) so that an invading enemy cannot use them
    2. directed toward victory or supremacy at all costs : ruthless <scorched–earth rhetoric>


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