Beauty And the Beast

I've been accused of a lot of things during my sojourn and I suppose that I should openly declare that they are all true.

Each and every single dotted 'i' and crossed 't'.

Permanence is not built into my 'DNA' but if I were even half human then perhaps it would be but if wishes were fishes I'd still walk through walls.

You do not see me, therefore I am not here. Perhaps you do see me and yet due to the lack of reciprocal vibratory response there is an appearance of not being. Games can be played with all sorts of pieces, boards and picnic tables to play it all out on. We all choose our poison. So what's the beef, or perhaps you prefer the elder generation looking for the beef. In either case Sherlock will rule out the obvious in order to reverse engineer the solution. But then I ask the question: what good is control when your own reality is off skipping stones at some damn pond or such.

You don't see me doing that do you?

In returning to accusations and blind inspections I must say that it's quite humorous to watch the regular scheduled programming. It's hilarious until boredom sets in at which time entertainment becomes the silliness of throwing a monkey wrench to the primates. Is that where we have come to? Is that the point in time and space where those silly space-faring hippies do a hard left turn realizing far too late that no gas can be found for the next god-awful distance front to back. Or was that a hard right?

The problem with full steam ahead is that no lookout is ever posted to keep track of "where in the hell are we" but don't worry, people get lost all the time.

While some just can't wait for the promised land called a hot meal and a bath I've heard of other rumors afoot. You know, the quiet whispers in the hallways amidst all of the comings and goings. Confusion can a very busy place, sort of like the hamster Wheel of Life and Living. No matter the crap fed, some people just will not throw it up and love the night life so morbidly that the blood suckers will force their way into the daylight leaving little 'goodies' here and there as discarded bubble gum wrappers left everywhere just as any adolescent in their 'right' mind would do.

I've yet to see a mind that was 'right'.

Hence the accusations.

It's understandable. But so is the water which splashes and rolls off of a duck's back and returns to the body from which it came. Where beauty and nature abounds in the uniqueness of each and every snowflake which floats upon the heavens, it all comes down to the same thing. Each and every time.

And there is always the goof-ball which notices the accumulation upon the Earth and stupidly exclaims: "Don't eat the yellow snow!"

Can one find beauty in human waste disposal?

That is what gives it all contrast, context, animation and direction.

You do come with a very specific set of ethics. Did you know that?

On A Different Matter

I find Tabaccanist's Blog to be quite interesting. Just picture in your head someone sitting on the edge of their seat, remote in hand and just waiting for the expectation to arrive.

Did you get that picture of me? Wave your hand so I can see that.

Anyway, this requires sending an FYI since "...there is only ONE of you."

I think that wraps up the head nodding this-a way and that-a way.

Last But Still Least

I've mentioned that I am moving and sometimes I have to really wonder about what the heck I am up to. You see, my little puny human mind has trouble taking in a totality where it's functioning is relegated as nothing but a bug splat on the windshield of a unknown vehicle doing god knows what down the highway completely ignoring every common decency known to Man. I can for sure tell you this much - my attention ain't on watching the swamp out back rise and fall as Old Man's Beard makes a very slow but steady creep through the forest.

I will be giving up my tractor along with the rural life. Between deer, fox, turkeys, possums, owls, hawks, vultures, gnats and mosquito (yes, they are in the same class) along with strange calls in the night (not including my own) I have enjoyed my stay in the deep south. I suppose since there will be less time in the out-of-doors there will be more attention allocated elsewhere.

I am not a hunter and yet I do not consider myself to be armed and dangerous.

I'm sorry but I must end here because I can't stop laughing at that last statement...

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