Continuing The Matter

This comes on the heels of my last post.

Times are certainly changing, are they not? Personally it looks like I've performed a perfect 180 in the parking lot instead of going, coming instead and instead of coming hither I've gone yonder. Yeah, I know.

Before gold and silver decided to take a fast train to Clarksville I managed to be an early bird by a good margin. Before firearms become too hot to handle I managed to be an early bird also by a good margin and that is really saying something in light of the fact that in this life I've never before entered in the war games scenario before. There are other interesting tales as well but the point here is that now none of this matters. All of my points of positioning to accommodate possibilities have ended up like a summer's day rain rushing in a circular manner as it finds it's way down into the storm drain never to be seen again. As the thought which binds that concept to time and space fades from view, what then?

I suppose it's something similar to my lack of 'proper' postings these days.

Personality-wise I do not consider self-centric thought processes to be of high regard so if you are confusing what I wrote above to be in the mode of self-preservation you would be howling at the wrong moon. I do find it quite difficult to comprehend the idea that one considers in a self-centric manner. It's no joke when I say that that is quite alien to me. I mean, how the hell can one morally provide the irrefutable proof of one's own demise? Yes, people do do that but this is not my concern.

Perhaps I should just embrace the pirate's code of: "It's the mortal life for me!" while swinging from fashion to fashion cleverly hiding the truth of temptation and glee in such.

Whether the planet and it's inhabitants take the 'high' road or remain down and dirty is not my concern. The wants of others certainly don't do it for me either. Perhaps I should make good on my creed, "You must be mistaking me for someone who cares." Neutrality is not not caring and it certainly is not making something which is not my business, my business. (I wouldn't even call it 'neutrality' but that word is about as close as I can get to the concept at the moment.)

I live out in the country away from all the crap which takes place in the rush of the sardines trying to all fit into the same sealed can. It's the same for traveling the electronic highway. I suppose I'm just not a 'team' player. For me, friends are few and far between. I just don't have it in me to go toe to toe and head to head with other heads which are stocked and chock-full of thoughts, ideas and concepts of every shape and form. Trying to get through that is like walking in molasses - there is no sense of getting through because all the doors are closed anyway.

When doors close there is obviously nothing to offer. Keep in mind this is in relation to my previous statement about self-centric ideology. I can't do it but others can - hence the balance. It's the why I don't go knocking. If it was my business there wouldn't be a choice involved here.

Perhaps I should just throw out all the crap associated with possibilities and let life deliver it's surprise. Since there are no material (aka physical) delicacies worthy of my attention I will just sit here wondering "What now?" As the definition of 'wondering' is asking yourself an unanswerable question I will float freely until the mother of necessity knocks in that, you know, compelling way that she has. I always answer of course but sometimes I do wonder of the timing of such.

It has been fun to propel little tiny pieces of lead through the atmosphere and watch the effected object undergo change until I remind myself that crude technology is like eating at the corporate trough instead of the family table. (It's funny to realize that for some the 'family table' means bringing home 'take-out' for dinner - but that is not what I mean here.)

In the company of good people, goodness results. For that and that alone do I take pleasure.

Thanks for stopping by.

Here's My Ticket, Can I have My Hat Now?

It's strange to give up the sense of participation in local affairs but that only comes in relation to putting it all into perspective. I am not the 'man about town' some believe to be such and I certainly have no 'connections', 'lines' or understanding of anything. That being said there is nothing else worthy of mention.

Dinner is over so can I have my hat now? I'd love to accommodate an epilogue but I'm not much for chit-chatting to pass the time that is only apparent anyway. It is apparent that my dinner is over, the show completed, and the warm friendly faces of the after dinner crowd which lingers yet. In the complexities of interchange, exchange occurs.

I am not the bar stool.

There are no droids here. Move along.

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